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Sure, playing video games “normally” is fun — but you arguably haven’t experienced true satisfaction until you’ve 100% completed a game you like. For some games, this is really easy! For others, it’s a huge time investment that probably won’t be worth it in the end. Unfortunately, several popular games don’t have a concrete list of requirements for full 100% completion, but we’re here to fix that! If there’s a game you’d like to see added to our list, feel free to suggest it either in the comments here or over at our Discord server. Thank you!

Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch games are generally larger and more ambitious than those on prior platforms, so games in this category might take a bit longer to complete. Lots of Pokémon here too, which are notorious for having absolutely no concrete 100% requirements. Without further ado, then, go ahead and click on the icon of the game you’d like to read up on!

Exion is home to many other kinds of guides — not just ones for 100% completion! We’ve got Kirby, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros. amiibo training, and (almost) everything in between. We update this page with new 100% guides on a semi-regular basis, so feel free to bookmark it and check back every so often to see what’s new! Good luck with all of your 100% completion ventures — we’ll be here to help if you need it!

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