Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Season 2 (Soul Shard Saga)

Cloud’s Forum Adventures (often shortened to CFA) was an awful comic series I worked on from 2012 to 2015. You’ll see what I mean just by reading one episode: its characters are dull, its plot is cliche, and its visuals are awkward and uninteresting. It’s about as fun to read as it sounds.

The Soul Shard saga was the second story arc of the series. After Cloud is killed, the dark counterparts join forces to collect pieces of the Soul Shard. The protagonists are then tasked with exploring Oblivia and recovering all five shards. Spoiler alert: everybody dies.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more of this, and it doesn’t get better anytime soon. Looking for more cringe? Get it here.

If you would like to return to the Cloud’s Forum Adventures home page, please follow this link to return to its master list.



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