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Good evening, readers. Over the past few days, I’ve posted a bunch of helpful training guides for your use, and I plan to do more of that. Tonight, I’m going to go over my game plan for this website over the next few weeks. This post will give you the scoop on all of the things I have in store for you guys, so I hope you’ll read it.

At the time of writing, it’s after midnight. September 16th has just passed. First up, I want to say that the Zero Suit Samus guide did not come out the day it was supposed to because I’ve been swamped with school. I was working on a project and due to internet issues, I lost it all, so I’ve been scrambling to finish a new project. Don’t worry though, the Zero Suit Samus will come out tomorrow night – or 9/17. I’m expecting it to be released around 7:00PM EST, so if you’re looking forward to it, check back then, by all means!

But the real reason I’m here is to announce the results of a poll I recently held on reddit. I asked readers to name off an amiibo they’d like to see a training guide of. Whichever two characters received the most upvotes win! The results are in, and I’m happy to announce that Lucina and Dark Pit won the polls! On Friday, Lucina will receive a guide, and Dark Pit will follow on the nextx day!

Now for a few other things. There are some other amiibo that I’m going to be training soon, so I have a schedule for you guys! I’m going to try my best to stick to what I’m promising here, so you’d better get your hopes up! Here’s my schedule for the next few weeks.

  • September 17th: Zero Suit Samus amiibo Guide
  • September 18th: Lucina amiibo Guide
  • September 19th: Dark Pit amiibo Guide
  • September 20th: Mario amiibo Guide
  • September 21st: Lucario amiibo Guide
  • September 22nd: Sheik amiibo Guide
  • September 23rd: ???
  • September 24th: ???
  • September 25th: Duck Hunt amiibo Guide
  • September 26th: R.O.B. amiibo Guide
  • September 27th: Mr. Game & Watch amiibo Guide

So yes, that’s my schedule for the next few weeks! I hope you’ll look forward to the new guides I’ve been developing for a while. I also encourage you to send training comments and questions to, because if I get enough questions, I’ll hold post a Q&A series on the site! I’ll be back tomorrow night, 9/17, with a Zero Suit Samus amiibo Guide. Good night, amiibros.


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