Amiibo Battles: Issue #1

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Hey there, welcome to the first issue of my new series, amiibo battles. Some of you have been wondering how my amiibo act, and I don’t blame you for wondering, considering I post so many training guides. I’ve listened to this feedback and I’m here with three replays I’ve uploaded. The two amiibo I’m going to be focusing on in Issue #1 are Ness and Shulk. 

Let’s start with a replay of Ness. Ness is widely considered to be my best amiibo; he’s the only amiibo I have that’s gone through every single training method in Amiibo Framework: Chapter 2 (note: deleted). He was also trained to level 50 with my aerial amiibo training guide from Amiibo Framework: Chapter 1. As a result, he’s really good against all of my amiibo. He reacts extremely fast, meaning if he does for some reason lose a match, he’ll never lose to the same amiibo twice. He’s sort of been on the decline lately, though, due to three minor flaws I’m working on fixing. First, he gets confused when his opponent is at around 60%, because the opponent has taken too much damage for the true combo of down throw to forward air to work, but hasn’t taken enough damage to be able to die from a back throw. As such, he’ll just down throw his opponent if they’re at 60%, but not even try a forward air because he knows it won’t hit them. I’ve been trying to teach him down throw to up air at around 60% but so far he hasn’t caught on because it isn’t a true combo. Second, he’s not very good at edgeguarding; as he’ll usually just shoot PK Fire. Third, he’ll sometimes launch himself with PK Thunder randomly. These flaws don’t discredit his strengths, though, so he remains my best amiibo. With that, below is a replay of me fighting Ness.

The next amiibo I’m covering this time is Shulk. Shulk is still WIP. He’s level 50 and I’m working on training him on every stage and against every character. He’s been on every non-DLC stage up to Palutena’s Temple but he’s only actually fought against Mario, Ness, and Shulk. He does have a few flaws I’ve been working to fix. First is his Monado Arts. He has the basics down, but does not use them consistently, so it’s hard to predict what art he’s going to do. He usually uses the Jump art whenever he’s knocked off-stage even if he’d be able to get back to the stage without it. Second, he’ll sometimes commit suicide with Back Slash, which I avoided teaching him. Lastly, he uses his jab way too much. Shulk, however, is really good at edgeguarding. He’s the only amiibo I’ve ever seen that will jump into Ness’ recovery and counter it. He also has huge range so it’s easy for him to hit foes. I think Shulk will be good when I’m done with him, but for now, below is a replay of me mirror matching the Shulk amiibo.

So yeah. I’m going to be doing some more work on both Ness and Shulk over the next few days, as well as training some amiibo so I can write guides for them. I hope you enjoyed watching these amiibo fight; next issue I’ll focus on two new amiibo but I’ll also have a replay of Ness and Shulk battling each other. I’ll be back today with several new character guides. If you have any questions, send them to!


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