Amiibo Dojo Updates #2

The following is an archived post from the Amiibo Dojo. It has been uploaded to the Exion Vault for referential purposes and retains its original publication date; some of the post’s links may not function currently or exist at all.

Good morning, readers. Today, I’m here to explain some of the updates I’ve done to the site. A lot’s changed in the span of one day, and there’s still more to come.

The first thing you’ll have noticed is the new site layout! I think the site’s looks have been improved. It’s more organized, and there’s a fitting background made by me that’s not too distracting. Something else that’s been changed is the placement of the GUIDES, ABOUT, and RESOURCES tabs. They’re now on the sidebar of the front page, but you need to scroll down a considerable length to find them. Take a look at this screenshot – the links are outlined in red. Click the picture for a bigger version.


The next thing you’ll notice is that we now have a domain! I recently got premium status for this website, which has allowed me to get a domain name and all sorts of premium features that will help the site grow. Because of this new time period for the dojo, I’m going to be adding a lot of training guides. Today is no exception – I’m going to be releasing several new training guides and maybe even a bonus article.

So yes, this post is quite short, but I figured I’d keep you guys up to date. One last thing – I’m going to be revamping the GUIDES tab soon. I’m going to be adding images of the characters to it so that it looks like the character roster on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be able to click on a character’s image to be taken to their guide! You can bet that I’ll be working hard to add new content to this site, so stick around! If you have any questions or anything, send them to!


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