How to train a Little Mac amiibo in Super Smash Bros. 4

A complete summary of Little Mac’s performance in Super Smash Bros. 4 can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, AI quirks, and an archive of tournament representation and results.

Stats & Bonus Effects

Without restrictions on equipment, Little Mac is the best character in the game. His best equipment setup heavily invests into Attack and Defense (+200 Attack / +120 Defense / -200 Speed) at the cost of Speed. In terms of bonus effects, Critical-hit capability, Hyper smash attacks, and Improved escapability are essential.

In the current Super Smash Bros. 4 metagame, Little Mac cannot use certain equipment bonuses. As a result, his best equipment setup in most modern tournaments involves heavy investment into Defense and Speed (0 Attack / +100 Defense / +20 Speed). In terms of bonus effects, Auto-heal capability, Lifesteal, and Improved escapability are essential.

Little Mac benefits from the Tornado Uppercut custom move. Compared to the default version of the move, it grants slightly increased vertical and horizontal distance, making it a superior recovery maneuver.

Recommended Training

An amiibo becomes strongest if it is mirror matched all the way to Level 50. This is done to teach the AI which moves to rely on; after reaching Level 50, it will use this training as a base and expand upon it with matchup experience. While training your amiibo, do not play aggressively or go off-stage; instead, remain grounded and keep the following moves in mind:

  • Neutral options: forward smash (Straight Smash). As mentioned earlier, all you need to do with Little Mac is spam forward smash. Just forward smash. Over and over. Aiming your forward smash downwards will reduce its knockback, but heavily increase its shield damage. Aiming it neutrally will increase its knockback, but decrease its shield damage.
  • Main KO moves: forward smash (Straight Smash), up smash, neutral special (KO Uppercut), and down special (Slip Counter). In addition to forward smash, there are a few other attacks that can work well as finishers. Up smash is a great aerial punish, while KO Uppercut is a one-time nuke that ignores shields. Slip Counter can be used against powerful attacks for a decisive comeback.
  • Moves to avoid: neutral special (Straight Lunge). Straight Lunge leaves Little Mac vulnerable and brings him no notable benefit. When Straight Lunge is powered up into the KO Uppercut, then you can let the finishing blow loose. Until then, avoid Straight Lunge.

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