Amiibo Dojo: Bonus R.O.B. Edition

The following is an archived post from the Amiibo Dojo. It has been uploaded to the Exion Vault for referential purposes and retains its original publication date; some of the post’s links may not function currently or exist at all.

Welcome to a special bonus edition of Amiibo Dojo character guides! Today, I’ll be going over how I trained the R.O.B. amiibo…but wait, we’ve done this before, haven’t we? Yes, we have. For this post, I’ve recorded a bunch of 3-minute sessions with my amiibo to give you an idea not only on how to effectively train R.O.B., but to give you some insight as to how I trained my amiibo. If you’ve got some time to kill, or if you’ve got a R.O.B. to train, this article is a must-read!

I’ve uploaded a series of 3-minute videos for your viewing enjoyment. However, I don’t have any recording tools nor the knowledge of how to use any, so I’m limited to 3-minute sessions here. As such, there are a lot of videos below, so if you’ve got some free time, feel free to check them out.

The above video is my first match with R.O.B. I decided to give him the Reflector Arm, High-Speed Burner, and Spinning Gyro custom moves. The first two I recommended in my R.O.B. Amiibo Guide, but I made the decision to use Spinning Gyro due to the fact that R.O.B. did not use his normal Gyro often at all in the past resets, so I was wondering if changing it to a different custom move would allow him to use it. So yes, as you can see, I’m mirror matching the amiibo, and the very first thing I do when the match begins is charge a gyro. I also willingly walk into R.O.B.’s laser beams and gyros so that they deal damage to me – this is an attempt to get him to use the moves more often. I also use the Robo Beam myself from far distances. If you notice, I’m also throwing the Gyro at the amiibo but then catching it before it touches the ground. This allows me to rack up a lot of damage on it, which leads to the first KO of the match – the down throw to up air combo. I wasn’t focusing on down throw to up air just yet, but after the first KO I began to focus on it a bit more. The second KO I got on the amiibo was with Robo Beam. I’m also teaching the amiibo to chase foes off-stage with his back and forward aerials. Basically, I made it a point during the first match to teach the amiibo four things: Robo Beam, Gyro, Down throw to Up air, and chasing opponents off-stage with aerials. Unsurprisingly, I won this first match.

Following the same format as last time, I took Mr. Roboto (my R.O.B. amiibo, with its awesome name courtesy of the amiibo subreddit) into a mirror match on an omega stage. Again, the first thing I did was charge a gyro. Then I used down throw to up air. I think it’s very important to etch true combos into the amiibo’s memory early-on, so I’m making it a point to rack up damage with it. Aside from that combo, I’m using lots of gyro this match; almost exclusively, as a matter of fact. I’m able to first KO the amiibo with the gyro. After the amiibo respawns, I do more down throws to up airs and then charge another gyro. If you noticed, I purposefully trip over the amiibo’s gyro when he throws it so it registers the move doing damage to me. For the rest of the match, I focus on Gyros and Robo Beams, and the amiibo levels up to Level 10.

And this is the third match I played with my amiibo. Similarly to the other matches, I simply focused on Gyro, Robo Beam, and down throw to up air. Like last time, I purposefully tripped over the amiibo’s Gyro. Nothing much to see here, this match is essentially a repeat of the last two.

This match starts out with the amiibo using the Gyro, which I trip over on purpose once again. For the remainder of the match, I focus on down throw to up air, Gyro, and Robo Beam as I’ve been doing the past few videos. This match sees the amiibo start to get good at aiming the Gyro, and he occasionally jumps before doing so, which is weird, but he does actually get the hit on me, so I can’t complain.

Where’s match #5? Not here, unfortunately. The match actually went to sudden death and went over Nintendo’s fatally short upload limit of 3 minutes. Like last time, I focused on gyros, beams, and combos, and the amiibo actually ended up winning by killing me with its gyro. Other than that, nothing noteworthy happened in this video. It was just very similar to the previous matches I’ve played against it. The video in the paragraph below is going to be the match after the one I’m explaining now.

This match starts with an incredibly well-aimed hit from the amiibo’s Robo Beam, followed by a few forward airs. It’s clear that the amiibo is learning from what I’ve taught it, and to have it learn even more, I remain focused on the gyro, down throw to up air combo, and laser beam. As time went on though, the amiibo started to act odd with its Laser Beam, inexplicably firing it upwards, missing me. I wasn’t sure what to do here, so to encourage him to fire it straight, during this match, I fired the beam at him without aiming it and I made sure to block or dodge the beams that missed me. Again, like last time, I ran into the amiibo’s thrown Gyro on purpose. The match ended without incident, and the amiibo leveled up to around level 18.

So there it is – 5 matches. I’d love to upload a series where I fully train an amiibo to Level 50 with one of my guides, but that’d be a lot of 3-minute videos that I don’t think readers would have the time to watch. I hope that you got a bit of insight as to how I train my amiibo by watching this. I’ll be producing some more bonus content like this in the future, so if you liked this, stay tuned!


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