Readers Survey: Preliminary Results

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Here at Amiibo Dojo, I like to listen to my readers. Basically, if you ask for something, you’ll eventually get it. I wanted to figure out how I could improve the site, and I recently held a poll (note: link defunct) to ask you, the readers, what you think of the site. In today’s post, I’ll be going over the results, what you guys asked for, and what I’m planning on doing with this place in the future.

Question #1: How often do you use Amiibo Dojo?

This is the first question of the survey. Nothing to explain here, the question speaks for itself. What was the top answer? “I look at it when links to new guides are posted on reddit”, taking the lead with 32%. The second answer, which is somewhat worrying, is “I haven’t used it at all” – 28% of voters chose this. I plan to change this soon, so I suppose it’s not all that bad. There was a tie for third place, between “I don’t use it that much” and “All the time, I check it every day”. Amiibo Dojo does already get thousands of visitors a day, but it’s just like me to want to make that number even higher so that everyone can have a good outline on training their amiibo.

Question #2: What would you like to see added to the site most? Select all that apply.

In first place is “Videos added to every character guide” with a whopping 76%. I don’t have tools nor the time to do this, however. What I meant was a mirror match between me and my amiibo showcasing how it acted after using my guide, but perhaps I didn’t make that clear enough. Now that I know that people want an actual video series, though, maybe I’ll start looking into something like that.

Question #3: Which character guides have worked best for you?

This one’s sort of a sloppy question, simply because the answers are all over the place. R.O.B. and Lucario seem to be the most successful, though. That’s all there really is to say with this one.

Question #4: Which character guides that you’ve tried did not work well?

This question was a bit more structured in its responses than the others. The general consensus was that all of the ones they’ve tried worked. There were a few stray votes for Villager, Lucina, and Duck Hunt, and fortunately, they’re already being updated! The updated guides for these characters will be out soon, don’t worry.

Question #5: Which of the following characters is currently your best amiibo?

This one was a bit of a mixed bag, but overall, the result was a very close tie between Ness, Shulk, Ganondorf, and Little Mac. Oh, and speaking of Ganondorf, I’ve updated my Ganondorf guide with new content. You can take a look at that here, (note: link defunct) but I digress. It’s good to hear that my “list of most powerful amiibo” post rings true in the results of this survey.

Question #6: Which of your Level 50 amiibo do you think is the worst / weakest?

To my surprise, there was actually a clear result in this one. Samus, Pikachu, and Yoshi were the top three here, and it’s pretty easy to see why. First, Pikachu and Yoshi, even though I have written training guides on them, are just ditzy by nature and are very hard to make “good”. Samus, meanwhile, is one of the worst characters in Smash 4, and her amiibo just doesn’t know what to do. I’d say Samus is one of the worst amiibo, but I’ll have a new post out in a few days that’ll come up with a solution to this.

Question #7: Which character guide do you want to see next?

Fox won this one by a longshot. Ike, Marth, Pit, Sheik, Samus, Toon Link, and Wii Fit Trainer were also up there, but not at Fox’s level. A Fox amiibo guide will be released tonight or tomorrow thanks to this poll, so you have that to look forward to!

Question #8: Do you feed your amiibo equipment?

There were three answer choices for this one. “Yes”, “No”, and “Depends on the character”. Most people chose “No”, and keep their amiibo vanilla – meaning no stats, no bonus effects. This is how I train my amiibo, so for best effect, don’t feed your amiibo. Sites like Amiibo Trainer are way better for trainers who feed equipment to their amiibo – only thing is, they don’t have a guide that tells you how to give an amiibo a solid base from level 1 to 50.

Question #9: Do any of your Level 50 amiibo taunt  after they KO a foe?

Most people somehow said yes to this one! I’d always assumed it was impossible for an amiibo to taunt after it hit level 50 (believe me, I’ve tried). I still think that’s kind of impossible, but I guess I’ll take your word for it!

Question #10: Overall, how would you rate Amiibo Dojo?

For this question, there were 5 choices. 5/5, 4/5, 3/5, 2/5, and 1/5. Nobody selected 1/5 and only one voter did 2/5, so I suppose that’s a good thing! The most popular option was 4/5, which is fine by me, but of course I’d love to improve the site. The general consensus? Amiibo Dojo is a new, growing site that’ll need some time to become great. I think I’ve got something solid here, and these polls back up this notion.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. I’ll be looking at the results regularly over the next few days, so believe me, your answers will be heard. If you’ve got any other site improvement ideas, or if you’re having a problem with training one of your amiibo, you can email me at Thanks for reading and being a good member of this site. I’ll see you guys soon with a Fox amiibo guide!


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