Amiibo Dojo Updates #4

The following is an archived post from the Amiibo Dojo. It has been uploaded to the Exion Vault for referential purposes and retains its original publication date; some of the post’s links may not function currently or exist at all.

Good evening, readers. I’m here to outline a few things going on with the Dojo. New guides, updated guides, and stuff like that. I’ll also be going over how you can help me make new character guides faster and to make them more accurate! There’s not much more to outline here, so let’s get started.

First up, I’ve released version 2.0 of the Ganondorf amiibo guide. It’s my most popular guide for some reason, so I figured I’d go in and beef it up with some new information. If you’re interested, you can check out this new guide here (note: link defunct). I’ll be updating every character guide to follow the same format eventually – next up is Dr. Mario, who’s going to be moved to the Balanced group. If a guide you’re using is formatted differently than more recent ones, don’t worry. The training methods listed there aren’t outdated or anything – the updates I’m making just add a few new tips and follow the format of more recent guides.

Second, the next guide’s probably going to be Pit. It was voted to be Fox, actually, but the problem is, I don’t have a Fox. I’ve actually gotten more than a few generous emails and reddit messages offering to buy me one – however, it’s my job to buy my own amiibo, not readers’. I really appreciate the offers, but keep in mind I’ll likely never accept them. So, the way you can help me out is by training your own amiibo! If you train an amiibo with one of my character guides, why not upload a 3-minute match of you, playing as your best character, fighting against the amiibo on an omega stage? These really help me out, and each video I see results in me slightly tweaking my guides. What’s even more helpful is if you send me a video of an amiibo character guide I don’t have when it’s trained with Amiibo Framework version 2 (note: link defunct).

So yup, that’s what I’ve got for you guys tonight. I’ll be back tomorrow with new content as always. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions or amiibo training videos to send me, send them to! Good night, everyone.


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