My plans for the next few days

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Good evening, readers. It’s currently around 2 o’clock the morning over here. I was going to post an Amiibo Dojo Updates #5 post, but I really only have two things to update you on, so I figured I’d just save #5 for when I have more things to tell you guys. Tonight, I’m going to quickly skim over my plans here for the next few days, including a new semi-automatic amiibo guide that works only on Balanced group amiibo.

My first announcement is a semi-automatic training guide I’m working on for trainers who like multitasking. It’ll take a bit of setup, but once you’ve got it running, you’ll be able to train Balanced amiibo efficiently with little to no effort on your part. In order to use this guide, though, you’ll need a few things:

  • A Level 1 amiibo character who is in the Balanced group
  • An amiibo of a different balanced character
  • Bowser, Charizard, King Dedede, or Little Mac amiibo
  • Jigglypuff amiibo

These are awfully specific, I know. The guide’s still in development, though, so you can look forward to that in a couple of days. In other news, I’ve updated the Mario amiibo guide with new content and a video! You can check that out here (note: link defunct). Amiibo Framework has also been slightly changed – Dr. Mario is now Balanced instead of Grounded, and Fox and Villager are now both Erratic. There will be new guides coming for these amiibo very soon – I think the semi-automatic guide is going to play a key role in this. Well, that’s all for tonight. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with some new stuff, hopefully.


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