Amiibo Dojo Updates: February 2016

The following is an archived post from the Amiibo Dojo. It has been uploaded to the Exion Vault for referential purposes and retains its original publication date; some of the post’s links may not function currently or exist at all.

Hey guys, Cloud here again. …Not sure why I keep saying that, because nobody else publishes articles here.

Ah well, that’s besides the point. There’s a few things I’d like to talk about in today’s post – including new guides, statistics, and upcoming site changes.

If you haven’t noticed, I have not been very active lately. I’ve just been swamped with school. I wasn’t aware how demanding it would get, y’know? But still, my goal of making Amiibo Dojo the most handy training resource out there has not changed. So, let’s get right into today’s updates post!

Further Amiibo Dojo Forums Integration

February marked the launch of the Amiibo Dojo forums. So far, they’re doing quite good. Not as amazing as I would have hoped, but it still had a decently strong launch. To encourage further use of the forums, I’m going to integrate them into Amiibo Dojo even further. There’s a few changes that are going to be made:

  • Forum members will be able to access new and updated guides two whole days before anybody else. How am I going to do this? When I finish a guide, I’m going to lock it with a password. On the Amiibo Dojo Forums, there’s a member-exclusive section that guests cannot see, where the passwords to the guides will be located. Each new and updated guide will have a different password.
  • Forum members can also request which new guides get released next. This is one of the largest Amiibo Dojo Forum member perks. Whenever you post a message, you will earn a virtual currency called Gold. With this gold, you can “fund” a character guide that has not been released yet. In fact, the forum members funded the Wario character guide, which is coming soon!
  • The contact form is going to be limited to business inquiries only – training questions will be redirected to the forum. If you don’t get the memo and use the contact form to send me a training question, I’ll answer it anyway and leave you a friendly link to the training questions section of the forum. There’s one thing I’ve learned over the years: one of the rudest things you can do to somebody is completely ignore them. That’s not going to happen on this site. I’ll make sure I answer everybody’s messages, no matter what. If I don’t, it means I legitimately missed your inquiry – I never ignore things on purpose.
  • The training questions section of the forum is open to guests. I figured it’d be dumb to make people sign up for the Amiibo Dojo forums in order to ask me questions, so anybody can post in the training questions section! Just click the “Create Topic” button, type in a subject, and your question, and you’re good to go. The link to the training questions section can be found by clicking here (note: link defunct).

I hope you guys enjoy the new forums. I think the system we have now is good; it doesn’t necessarily shove the forum down your metaphorical throat, but offers perks to those of you who do decide to join. By the way, registration is free, and the ads on the Amiibo Dojo forums are not put in place by me. They’re there because ProBoards, my forum hosting service, put them in place. Alright, onto the next thing!

Amiibo Dojo Site Statistics

The stats of this site have been sorta weird lately. Statistics jumping up and down, until they seem to have settled down recently. Not sure what’s up with that, but now that everything’s calmed down, I’m going to go over the statistical part of Amiibo Dojo. I thought you guys would find this interesting! Let’s start with the statistics for last year, 2015.

Amiibo Dojo – 2015 Stats


In 2015, Amiibo Dojo started strong with almost 110,000 pageviews and just under 31,000 unique visitors. For a debut year, this is really good. As you can see, we didn’t get too many likes nor comments, but that’s because the majority of Amiibo Dojo visitors come here knowing exactly what they want. And once they get it, they leave. Essentially, there’s a completely silent majority here.

Most Viewed Articles of 2015

Some articles were viewed more than others. Now of course, the Home page was the most viewed page of 2015, but that’s going to be excluded because it is not an actual article. Now then, without further ado, here are the most viewed articles of 2015!

  • #1 (17,390 Views): Amiibo Tier List. No surprise here at all. The Amiibo Tier List was, and still is Amiibo Dojo’s most popular article. I guess people are reaally interested in the metagame, huh?
  • #2 (2,594 Views): Ganondorf character guide. People really like their ‘dorf, y’know? They want them to disrespect, taunt…but none of that’s possible. It’s a shame, but I think this guide has helped out a lot of people.
  • #3 (2,288 Views): Shulk character guide. I’m surprised. I didn’t think there were even 2,000 Shulk amiibo in existence (haha, kidding). But really, Shulk was somewhat rare at the time. The majority of the guide’s views came before the huge restock. Hmm….
  • #4 (1,890 Views): Little Mac character guide. I was able to release this guide right around the big Little Mac restock in October. It was great timing, because it’s now the third most popular guide of 2015.
  • #4 (1,867 Views): Mewtwo character guide. Not at all surprised by this one. Mewtwo and Falco were the only two Smash amiibo released during Amiibo Dojo’s 2015 lifespan, so yeah. Oddly, Falco is not even in the top 10. Probably because people like Mewtwo better!
  • #6 (1,856 Views): Yoshi character guide. No idea why this one’s so popular. Maybe it’s because people know Yoshi is bad and wanted to find a better way to train him. Yeah, probably that.
  • #7 (1,645 Views): Aggressive training guide. Welp, I’m not proud to have this in the top 10. It’s since been removed, because I realized that not only are amiibo very hard to train aggressively, but they underperform severely compared to those that are defensively-trained. Ah well.
  • #8 (1,449 Views): Ness character guide. This was before my Ness amiibo won Amiibo Dan’s tournament, by the way. Even before that, I knew more about Ness than any other amiibo, so it’s good that a lot of people trusted my knowledge and looked at the guide.
  • #9 (1,436 Views): Bowser character guide. He’s easy to train, and was easy for me to write a guide on. Not much else to say here.
  • #10 (1,421 Views): Villager character guide. Similarly to Little Mac, this guide was released around the time of the TRU Villager restocks. Great timing because it just barely made the top 10.

Interesting stuff, huh? The least-viewed character guide was Pit, at a measly 382. Probably because Pit never got restocked, so not many people had him, thus there was no interest. Let’s move on to the 2016 stats!

Amiibo Dojo – 2016 Stats


It’s only two months into 2016 and we’re almost caught up with 2015’s (four-month) views! Essentially, we’ve been getting DOUBLE the pageviews this year, but not quite as many visitors. That tells me that the amount of people interested in training is dwindling, but those who are interested are looking at a lot of guides. So, we’ve got 91,000 pageviews (a mere 16,000 away from 2015’s 108,000 views) and 16,500 visitors. We’re doing really good so far! In fact, we might even hit a million total views by the end of the year…let’s hope!

Most Viewed Articles of 2016

Again, I’m going to exclude the Home page from this list. Let’s get right to it.

  • #1 (15,099 Views): Amiibo Tier List. Would you look at that? The amiibo tier list, despite the fact that it was removed for a week, is still the most viewed article. I’m again, not surprised at all.
  • #2 (3,152 Views): Amiibo Trainers Welcome Page. To be fair, I have an image on the right of the site in that one bar that says “New amiibo trainer? Click here to begin!” I guess we’ve got a lot of new amiibo trainers because it’s the second most viewed article of 2016!
  • #3 (1,746 Views): Mewtwo character guide. It’s the most viewed character guide of the year! Nice.
  • #4 (1,680 Views): How I trained my amiibo. It would seem like people really want to know how I trained my amiibo. It’s #4 on the list!
  • #5 (1,491 Views): Ganondorf character guide. Again, this comes as no surprise. People really love Ganondorf, don’t they?
  • #6 (1,454 Views): Ness character guide – championship edition. This was after I won the tournament with Super NES. So far this year the guide has gotten around 12 more views than last year. Weird, but still good! I’m glad to see this article in the top 10.
  • #7 (1,448 Views): Lucas character guide. Lucas was released this year, and people really wanted to train him, so it’s not too mind-blowing to see him so high on the list.
  • #8 (1,285 Views): Pikachu character guide. Pikachu is common, but hard to train. That common status probably has something to do with all these page views.
  • #9 (1,276 Views): A Guide to Feeding your amiibo. Not a shocker at all. Feeding amiibo equipment is an alien concept to people who trained their amiibo vanilla, so I guess it’s good for this list to be in top 10.
  • #10 (1,259 Views): Little Mac character guide. And finally, we have Mac, just barely managing to beat out the Marth character guide.

So there you have it! That’s the views we’ve got so far. 2016’s views were much more spread out than in 2015 (whereas most of 2015’s views came from the amiibo tier list), probably due to the new articles I have been released.

New Training Guides

I’ve got some new training guides coming up! Updated Little Mac and Lucina are coming this week, while Wario (who was voted by the forum members) won’t be far behind. Remember, they’ll be available for viewing two days early for forum members only.

So that just about wraps up this month’s Amiibo Dojo updates post. Thanks for reading, and for your continued support!


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