Amiibo Dojo’s Pikachu is entering a tournament!

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This week has been absolutely insane so far. After over one month of preparing, I’m finally pulling off the Amiibo Dojo guides week, where I release one new training guide per day for one week. That’s a lot of work on its own, but to round the week off, I’m going to be participating in another one of Amiibo Dan’s tournaments.

Tournament Rules

This tourney is Pokémon characters only – every other fighter is flat-out banned. Each amiibo will be given 2 stocks and 6 minutes per game. The matches will be best 2 of 3, and single elimination. Explosive perfect shield is banned (which I still strongly disagree with – I even wrote an article on why it isn’t broken), but Smash Balls are on low.

When can I watch it?

This Saturday, April 2nd. Despite being one day after April Fools’, this tournament is no joke. It’s going to be tough, but I have faith in my Pikachu amiibo. He’s been through a lot of training, and I think that, if he doesn’t win, he’ll at least be a top contender.

My Predictions

A lot of people are going to be entering Charizard and Lucario into this tournament –  I know that for a fact. They’re technically the “best” Pokémon characters in the game, however, I made sure that my Pikachu was able to beat them both with ease. I gave my Charizard and Lucario maxed out attack and defense and Critical-hit capability bonuses, and my Pikachu amiibo (who I will refer to as Electron from here on out) has played over twenty matches against them.

So, there’s something very unique about Electron that will set him apart from other Pikachu amiibo. He has no shield bonuses, nor Critical-hit capability. It’s a bold move, but I found a setup that allows him to handily beat powerful foes without having to give him critical hits. Like I said earlier, Electron, without the aid of critical hits or shield bonuses, was able to defeat Charizard and Lucario – not only were they former candidates as my entrant to this tourney, but they both had critical hit capabilities and shield bonuses.

I have full confidence that Electron will do well. I spent a lot of time preparing him for all six Pokémon characters and their final smashes. Alright, well I think that’s all I have to say. I’ll see you guys on Saturday for Amiibo World Tournament #6!


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