How to train a Fox amiibo in Super Smash Bros. 4

A complete summary of Fox’s performance in Super Smash Bros. 4 can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, AI quirks, and an archive of tournament representation and results.

Stats & Bonus Effects

Fox’s best equipment setup focuses heavily on Attack (+100 Attack / +70 Defense / -50 Speed) at the cost of Speed. In terms of bonus effects, Crash run, Lifesteal, and Improved escapability are essential.

Fox benefits from the Charge Blaster custom move. It fires a single powerful laser that deals more damage and knockback. Charge Blaster gives Fox a more meaningful projectile that is not as easily spammed.

Recommended Training

An amiibo becomes strongest if it is mirror matched all the way to Level 50. This is done to teach the AI which moves to rely on; after reaching Level 50, it will use this training as a base and expand upon it with matchup experience. While training your amiibo, do not play aggressively or go off-stage; instead, remain grounded and keep the following moves in mind:

  • Neutral options: jab, forward tilt, up tilt, down tilt, and neutral special (Charge Blaster). Fox’s jab and tilts are solid neutral options that come out fast and can help bring an opponent to high percentages. Charge Blaster is an effective ranged attack when used in moderation.
  • Main KO moves: up smash (Flip Kick). Fox amiibo have a strange tendency to entirely ignore their forward smash. Although forward smash is technically a superior KO move, you will have an easier time teaching it to rely on its up smash instead.
  • Moves to avoid: down smash, side special (Fox Illusion), and up special (Fire Fox). Fox amiibo slowly develop a habit of spamming down smash. During training, do not use this move at all, because it could send your amiibo into a downward spiral. Fox Illusion and Fire Fox should be used for recovery purposes only.
  • Situational moves: dash (Crash run). For best effect, create a custom set equipped with Crash run and use it to train your Fox amiibo. When approaching, be sure to dash: the longer your dash, the more damage Crash run will inflict. This maneuver can also link into a neutral aerial or up smash.

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