Changes & Updates Coming to the Amiibo Dojo

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Hey there, dear readers. I just wanted to say that I’ve really appreciated your support. After a while of thinking and planning, I have some additional changes and updates coming to the Amiibo Dojo. As you may have guessed, I’m going to be going over said changes in this post!

Guide Schedule

Update: Patch 1.1.6 has been announced. Until it is released, I will not be making any new training guides. I don’t want to work on a guide only for the next update to render it irrelevant. Thanks for understanding!

Right now, my life is kind of an unorganized mess. There’s no structure to anything I do – not school, not free time, and not this site. I’m going to be changing that very soon. At the moment, I just kind of do things whenever, and that’s not a very healthy way of living. I want to know exactly what I need to do and when it needs to be done by.

That’s why, as one of the many changes I will be making in my life, I’m going to start releasing guides on a schedule. And I am going to work very hard to stick to that schedule. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I make promises that I don’t stick to. I set a bunch of deadlines for myself, and then get overwhelmed between school, work, and site stuff, and I fail to fulfill the promise I made. This has happened many times, to the disappointment of readers.

The problem is that I’m trying to do too much. I’m trying to “overachieve”. I’m trying to stress myself out in exchange for readers being happy. I know that you all understand what I mean – everyone’s been nothing but understanding from day one.

Every Sunday, I will release a new guide in the morning. What guide it will be depends on the week. This next Sunday, I plan on releasing a Diddy Kong character guide. The other ones I’ve promised will be pushed back to a later date.

Tournament Schedule

Another thing I’ve started doing is hosting amiibo tournaments. They take a long time – almost all day, and that’s not something I want to do every weekend or even every other weekend. I’m going to host tournaments on the first of every month starting in June, with the due date being the day before.

Other Stuff

You probably noticed this, but the Amiibo Dojo has both a Patreon and advertisements. These will both hopefully go a long way in helping me – the funds will be used exclusively to make the Amiibo Dojo a better place. More specifically, they’ll be used to fund streaming equipment, new features, and figures for new training guides.


These changes might not mean a lot to you, but I think they’ll at the very least make this site more “do-able” for me. I get easily overwhelmed with a lot of schoolwork, actual work, and this site, and when I get overwhelmed, I get in a bad mood. And when I get in a bad mood, the entire day becomes “blah”. I don’t want this to happen anymore. It’s time for a truly structured, organized website that is not only manageable, but easy to read. Is that not what I have been going for from the beginning?

But hey, thanks a lot for reading my extended rant. I appreciate you sticking around to read it all instead of “tl;dr-ing” it. I hope you all continue to enjoy the site and support me in my quest to make this place an awesome amiibo training resource. I’ll see you on Sunday with a new character guide on Diddy Kong. Until next time!


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