Amiibo Dojo: Viewer-Voted Guides Week!

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Hey guys! I’m here with another announcement tonight: Viewer-Voted Guides Week! A while back, I held a poll with a very simple question: which amiibo guide do you want updated the most? Over 200 responses later, the results are in, and now, I’m taking those results and creating a brand-new week of new guides…but not all is as it seems, because a few surprises have been thrown in for good measure!

So, here’s the first surprise: Kirby Week only lasted five days, but was still technically a week, since the new content I rolled out spanned from Monday to Friday. But the Viewer-Voted Guide Week? It’s going to last one full week – from Sunday, July 17th to the following Sunday, July 24th! Here’s a more detailed schedule.

  • 7/17: A newly-updated Lucas character guide will be released! He was the highest voted amiibo in this poll, so his new guide will come first!
  • 7/18: I’ll be rolling out a new Toon Link guide update. The wind-waking wave rider placed second in the poll, so it’s only natural that his guide releases second.
  • 7/19: Sonic wasn’t fast enough to get first place. He settled for third instead – better late than never, right? On this day, a newly updated Sonic guide will release.
  • 7/20: As voted by the viewers, an updated Mario guide will be released!
  • 7/21: Two words: Captain. Falcon. He’ll be getting a guide update along with the rest of them!
  • 7/22: Luigi will be receiving a guide update as well. It’s going to be great.
  • 7/23: The last day of the guides week. You’ll all be getting a new guide on Mario Kart 8 amiibo functionality. Readers seemed to love the one I did for Kirby: Planet Robobot, so I’ll be rolling out another game-specific amiibo guide.

As you can tell, I’ve got big plans. I hope you look forward to the new guides week! If you have any questions, send a message to As always, thanks for your continued support! Until next time!


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