Cloud’s Forum Adventures: Season 6B (Nightmare Legion Saga)

Cloud’s Forum Adventures (often shortened to CFA) was an awful comic series I worked on from 2012 to 2015. You’ll see what I mean just by reading one episode: its characters are dull, its plot is cliche, and its visuals are awkward and uninteresting. But this saga is the exception.

The second iteration of the Nightmare Legion saga was the seventh and final story arc of the series. It’s the best one, too: massively improved visuals, somewhat competent dialogue, and a storyline that isn’t too hard to follow. It’s still brought down by its Kirby-centric designs, but that would’ve been difficult to change.

After nine episodes, the saga was cancelled, and there haven’t been any episodes since. Episode ten was drawn in full, but is believed to be lost. Speaking of lost episodes, there are many more cancelled episodes that don’t fit into any story arcs. Are you bored enough to check them out?

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