Super Smash Bros. 4 – amiibo Tier List (June 2018)

Exion’s Super Smash Bros. 4 amiibo tier list was first released in early 2016! It received revisions on a regular basis for three years before receiving its final update on June 25, 2018. Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is alive and well, this list doesn’t hold much relevance to the present-day metagame. With that in mind, we’re republishing the final revision of Smash 4’s tier list as a historical archive for your reference. If you’re looking for the Smash Ultimate list but wound up here instead, please follow this link.

Tier List

In Super Smash Bros. 4, the standard tournament ruleset both allows and encourages equipment. As such, this tier list assumes that each Figure Player has been given an optimal setup as per our training guides. Little Mac and Cloud were once banned from competitive tournaments, but were later allowed back under a strict set of equipment restrictions:

  • Little Mac cannot have any attack points, and cannot have any attack-boosting bonus effects.
  • Cloud cannot have more than 60 attack points, and can only have one attack-boosting bonus effect.

This list accounts for both of these restrictions; even without full equipment access, Little Mac and Cloud remain top-tier. Since there are no new Smash 4 tournaments to pull updated data from, its tier list has received its final revision, which you can find right here:

It’s also important to note that this list assumes Critical-hit capability and Explosive perfect shield are banned (indeed, both of these bonus effects were unanimously removed from competitive play in 2016). If they were to have been allowed back, the rankings would look much different — mainly, fighters with disjointed hitboxes or super-armored smash attacks (including Rosalina & Luma, Corrin, and Little Mac, among others) would be placed even higher.

As a reminder, Exion has a complete archive of Super Smash Bros. 4 training guides over on the master list of amiibo guides. If for some reason you’re still training FPs in this game, feel free to read them over. For more documentation on the long-abandoned Smash 4 metagame, refer to the Amiibo Dojo Archives. It includes a variety of guides and updates originally published between 2015 and 2018. You can also drop by our Discord community if you’re looking for more Smash 4 amiibo training information.

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, please follow this link.


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