Characters to train first in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has massively overhauled the AI from Smash 4, which means that each and every amiibo is worth retraining. Of course, the character you choose to train first is entirely your decision, but there are a few in particular that we’re really curious about!

Pokémon Trainer is the first to come to mind. It makes sense that a CPU can control three characters at once, but an amiibo? Will each Pokémon have its own preferences saved, or will the training carry over to all three? Is there any hope for Smash 4 Charizard amiibo that become a Pokémon Trainer Figure Player in Ultimate? We don’t know, and so we’d love to be able to test this on day one.

Ridley and King K. Rool are two other examples. In Smash 4, most of the heavyweight fighters were top tier, and these two have incredible strengths that are more than worth looking into. Keep in mind that Chrom, Isabelle, and Daisy can be trained immediately thanks to their non-Smash amiibo having already hit the market.

No matter which character you decide to train first, we’d appreciate it if you shared your findings with us on our Discord server. Things are going to get really busy from here on out, and we’ll need all the help we can get to make the Ultimate amiibo metagame amazing.


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