Cloud’s Forum Adventures – Extra Episodes & Unreleased Content

Throughout its lifespan, only four seasons of Cloud’s Forum Adventures were ever truly completed. The others either ended on cliffhangers or were canceled halfway through. I tried rebooting the series many, many times, and they often only lasted for an episode or two. That brings us to this archive: panels that were intended to form a full season that was never completed!

Season 7

Season 7 was originally titled the Sealed Shadows saga. It was commissioned by Leaf (may God bless her soul), and the series made it to (ironically) seven episodes! Eventually, it got old and was cut off, so it’s considered non-canon. What a shame…

Season 8

Season 8 is called the Infinity Gauntlet saga because – you guessed it – it introduces Thanos to the series.  In another ironic twist, the series made it to six episodes, which is the number of stones the Infinity Gauntlet needs to reach its maximum power. This season is also considered non-canon due to being cut short.

Standalone Episodes

Seasons that got started, but were cut off after two or three episodes. They’ve all been grouped together accordingly, so pay close attention to their titles. This also includes a non-canon extension of the Miracle Crown saga that never made the cut!

If any additional episodes of CFA are found or uncovered, you can be sure that we’ll post them here as soon as possible! I’m not exactly sure why anybody would want to check back on this post for updates, but… suit yourself.

If you would like to read more Cloud’s Forum Adventures, please follow this link.


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