How to 100% complete Kirby Star Allies

Historically, 100% completion in the Kirby series has always been rather straightforward. The games are kind enough to keep track of your completion rate, and Kirby Star Allies is no exception! It also helps that Star Allies is one of the easiest games to 100% in the entire series, so sit back and get ready for a relatively easy completion challenge. Let’s get started!

100% Required

Kirby Star Allies tracks 100% completion by checking if you’ve finished each of the tasks below. Several tasks in this game seem like they’d be required for full completion, but aren’t — for example, you don’t need to fill out every single Celebration Picture (or any of them at all). That being said, here’s a list of the tasks you do need to finish:

  • Clear Story Mode. This does entail finishing every level, but it also entails finding every rare Picture Piece within. There’s usually just one of them per level, so do your best to track them all down! Again, there’s no need to actually finish the puzzles — you just need to obtain their rare Picture Pieces.
  • Complete a run of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! It doesn’t matter what character you pick or how long it takes you to complete. As long as you finish a single run of this side mode, you’re golden. It’ll probably take about an hour and a half or so to do this, depending on who you pick.
  • Complete the highest difficulty of Star Slam Heroes and Chop Champs without placing fourth. It’s kind of bizarre, but you don’t even need to place first in these minigames to earn 100% completion. As long as you make it through the highest difficulty of each game without getting dead last, you’re good.
  • Clear The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter difficulty. This is only kind of tough. You can just play as Magolor and spam the Ultra Sword attack to abuse its invincibility frames, which trivializes just about every boss in the game. We’ve got a guide right here that can help you conquer this mode!

If you complete all four of these tasks, the game will award you with a neat 100% completion screen! It does feel kind of strange to have earned 100% without finishing all the puzzles, but if the game says you’ve fully completed it, then we can’t disagree. Oh well!

100% Optional

A few months after its release, Kirby Star Allies introduced new content and game modes via a series of updates. It was possible for players to 100% the game before the release of these modes, so the developers didn’t want to take away that full completion rate — instead, they added a crown to the save file on top of the 100% statistic if you complete the following tasks:

  • Clear Heroes in Another Dimension with all 120 Friend Hearts. This mode can get rather tricky, because certain Friend Hearts become inaccessible if you fail their puzzles (though you can technically restart the level and try again). By completing this task, you’ll also unlock a new Dream Friend!
  • Clear The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter EX difficulty. This is a fair bit harder than the normal Soul Melter EX difficulty, but you can still trivialize just about all of it with Magolor’s invincibility frames. Don’t let the final boss catch you off-guard!

If you’re really, really crazy, you can try completing Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! as every single character… but all you get is a congratulatory message, which isn’t at all worth your while. To review, then: the tasks in the 100% required section make up the 100% completion rate, and the tasks in the 100% optional section make up the crown icon you can get on your profile.

If you’d like to read more Kirby guides, check out our full list right here. We’ve also got a whole bunch more 100% completion guides available for a variety of Nintendo Switch games — you can check out the list via the link below. Have fun, and feel free to drop by our Discord server with any questions!

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