Kirby: Planet Robobot – The True Arena Guide

Kirby: Planet Robobot is home to the perhaps most difficult extra mode in any Kirby series game: The True Arena. It’s a twelve-stage boss rush featuring powered-up enemies and a challenging new take on the final boss. This guide aims to provide helpful tips and tricks to assist those of you struggling to seal the deal and claim victory.

General Tips & Tricks

All twelve bosses have been updated to Version 2.0 for the True Arena: this is signified by a change in color and a surge in difficulty. Each enemy’s strength has been greatly increased, and some of them have entirely new attack patterns. Needless to say, The True Arena is a definite challenge: so the ability you pick will make all the difference.

Stone Kirby comes highly recommended – perhaps obviously so – and for good reason. When Kirby transforms using Stone Change or Stone Smash, he’s completely invulnerable! By pressing the ↓ + B buttons in midair, Kirby can use Heavy Smash for an even stronger attack. The key with Stone Kirby is patience: wait for an opportunity to make your move, and when the time comes, strike! Archer Kirby is an alternative option that focuses on ranged attacks. Hold the B button and release a powerful charged arrow in any direction you please. Hold ↓ and Kirby will use Camouflage to render himself invincible! Keep in mind that Camouflage’s invincibility is lost if Kirby moves or attacks.

Stone and Archer Kirby are by far and away the easiest and most consistent options available. Other potential choices include Poison, ESP, Smash Bros., and Hammer. Be sure to choose your ability wisely before starting your run.

Entering the Ring

As mentioned before, you must face twelve different bosses in The True Arena. Every enemy from Story Mode makes an appearance with new tricks up their sleeves. Here are the formidable foes you will need to gear up to face:

  • Clanky Woods 2.0
  • Holo Defense API 2.0
  • Susie 2.0
  • Mid-Boss All Stars 1
  • Stock Mecha Knight
  • Dedede Clone 2.0 / Dedede Clones & D3 2.0
  • C.O.G.S. / Core Kabula
  • Mid-Boss All Stars 2
  • President Haltmann 2.0
  • Dark Matter Clone / Sectonia Clone
  • Galacta Knight Returns
  • Star Dream Soul OS

Luckily, the game is a bit forgiving in that it will provide you with a small healing item at the end of each round. These are the only assists available, however, so use them with caution. If you decided to play as Stone Kirby or Archer Kirby, you should use Stone Change or Camouflage to scout for opportunities to attack. When the time is right, make your move.


Scanning specific amiibo characters allows you to regain health and copy abilities. You can use up to ten amiibo figures per run – for greatest effect, use figurines from the Kirby series. For a full list of specific amiibo functionality in Kirby: Planet Robobot, check out this post. Needless to say, if you use the right amiibo at the right time, the challenge that this mode is supposed to offer will be completely trivialized.

The Final Battle

The True Arena’s final battle is against Star Dream Soul OS, a stronger version of the game’s final boss. Its first three phases are similar to what you encountered in Story Mode: but you’re in for a surprise. After you defeat Star Dream in its Galactic Nova form, it inhales Kirby, leaving the Robobot Armor to drift away into space. Thus begins phase four, an entirely new battle against Star Dream’s core. If you have a Kirby series Kirby amiibo on hand, scan it to copy the UFO ability – it will prove useful, as your enemy remains airborne for most of the battle.

A set of pillars will appear: destroy each one, and you’ll hear Haltmann himself scream in pain as his soul is slowly deleted from Star Dream’s operating system. That’s gruesome. After destroying each and every pillar, the Galactic Nova’s heart will fight you head-on. It attacks with lasers, cutters, and with each of its two halves. When its health bar has been completely depleted, don’t let your guard down. Star Dream Soul OS will unleash a series of vicious red beams around the field – which are, in fact, one-hit kills. You have to dodge these, as they hit through Stone Kirby and Archer Kirby’s invincibility. This part is absolutely crucial: just one hit can ruin your entire run. If you need more help, feel free to join our Discord community!

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