Kirby Star Allies – amiibo Compatibility Guide

Kirby Star Allies was released for the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, 2018.  When a mysterious hooded figure casts a spell onto an ominous crystal heart, it shatters and scatters across the galaxy – and it’s up to Kirby to investigate. Unfortunately, Kirby Star Allies’ amiibo support is nowhere near as in-depth as Planet Robobots, but they’re still nice bonuses that can be used in a pinch.

Kirby series amiibo

There are four Kirby series amiibo, and each of them is compatible with the game. When scanned, these figurines will spawn two Picture Pieces and a Maxim Tomato. Their Super Smash Bros. series counterparts have the same effect. You can use these to “cheat” in The Ultimate Choice’s Soul Melter mode if you like!

Other amiibo

Any non-Kirby series figure will spawn a cherry for you to eat. It restores a little bit of health in a pinch. Keep in mind that you can use up to seven amiibo per level: this means you can potentially use them to farm Picture Pieces.

If this guide seemed short, that’s because it is: sadly, Kirby Star Allies’ amiibo support isn’t on the same level as the previous title. Regardless, we will have to take what we’ve been given. If you’d like more information (or help) for Kirby Star Allies, feel free to join our Discord community! We’re always happy to welcome new friends.

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