Kirby Star Allies – 100% Completion Guide

It’s always satisfying to 100% complete a game: knowing for sure that you’ve explored its every nook and cranny is invaluable. Fortunately for completionists, Kirby Star Allies makes 100% completion rather easy, as there is a very simple set of criteria that must be met. Strangely enough, said criteria actually does not include collecting every Picture Piece or completing modes added in game updates.


  • Complete Story Mode
  • Press all Big Switches
  • Find all Rare Picture Pieces
  • Complete a run of Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go!
  • Complete The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter difficulty
  • Place 1st on the highest difficulty of Star Slam Heroes
  • Place 1st on the highest difficulty of Chop Champs

As mentioned earlier, completing all of the celebration pictures doesn’t actually count towards the game’s 100% completion. That being said, it feels wrong to leave them unfinished. Even so, when you’ve met all of the above requirements, you’ll be presented with a special 100% Clear image.

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