Project Exion Update #2: Inspiration

Making a game is hard. Sometimes you need inspiration before you can find motivation, and that’s how I’ve been able to continue working on this game. Nonetheless, development on Project Exion is going swimmingly. I’m still in the “story and ideas” phase, so the game itself isn’t anywhere near a playable state. In today’s update, I’m going to talk about games and media that Project Exion was inspired by!

Sources of Inspiration

Project Exion’s most obvious source of inspiration is from the EarthBound series. In terms of visuals, the resemblance is certainly there. Calem’s (the protagonist) home town looks fairly similar to Onett, but with a modern take and a wider variety of buildings. If you’d like to see some screenshots of this, I recommend you read the first Project Exion update post.

It’s tough to make a role-playing game without being compared to Undertale or Deltarune. Despite their popularity, I’m making every effort to ensure that Project Exion is as different from them as possible. Of course, players of all three games will be able to find parallels, but it’s important to note that Undertale and Deltarune inherit many of EarthBound’s defining characteristics.

Other than EarthBound, I don’t think I’m taking inspiration from anything in particular — at least, nothing that I apply to this game. I’ve been working hard on an original storyline that I don’t think has been done in an RPG before, and I hope that it will help set Project Exion apart from the rest when it is finally completed in the very distant future.

Battle Preview

Today’s update didn’t show much new content, so here’s an image of the work-in-progress battle UI. Project Exion has a very unique battle system – and it’s not pictured here in any form – so we’re going to have to touch on that later. In any case, thanks for reading. Until next time!

If you would like to read more about Project Exion, please follow this link.


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