How to train a Sheik amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complete summary of Sheik’s performance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, AI quirks, and an archive of tournament representation and results.

Stats & Spirit Effects

In terms of stats, Sheik is rather versatile. Using a balanced spread (2100 / 2100) or a fully defensive (0 / 4200) are fine options that work well on the character. It all comes down to your personal preference as a trainer.

Sheik has seen little to no representation in Spirits tournaments, but the typical Armor Knight and Move Speed ↑ build is generally recommended for low-tier characters. While there is a bit of wiggle room when it comes to Sheik’s setup, her AI does not respond very well to Spirits and that fact is not conducive to bringing the character to her full potential.

Recommended Training

An amiibo becomes strongest if it is mirror matched all the way to Level 50 with its Learn button switched on. Playing a best-of-five match (configurable via the rules menu) will cause it to level up much faster.

Sheik’s KO options are often difficult for the AI to pull off. While they are  somewhat plentiful, most of them require high percentages or close proximity to the blast zone. Sheik is sorely lacking in raw power and typically can’t KO an opponent on-stage until they reach 120% or more. To this end, Sheik must make full use of her comboing abilities and what little kill power she has if she is to be useful.

  • Neutral attack: A series of sharp swings that deal little damage and aren’t very useful. The AI doesn’t like to use this move, so don’t bother teaching it.
  • Forward tilt (Cycle Kick): When training, use forward tilt several times in a row until it can’t immediately combo anymore. Then use short hop fast fall forward aerials until you reach the end of the stage.
  • Up tilt: The AI tends not to use its up tilt, so there’s not much of a point in teaching it to do something it won’t learn.
  • Down tilt: Another move the AI prefers to stay away from. Not necessary to teach.
  • Dash attack: It’s a useful move that comes out quickly and launches opponents into the air with convenient base knockback. Sheik’s best approach option and can cancel out most projectiles.
  • Forward smash: One of Sheik’s better KO options. It hits twice, making it difficult to parry, and this often guarantees at least one hit. Use it as a primary kill move.
  • Up smash (Razor Wing): A prime anti-air option. While up smash is beaten by Bowser’s down aerial, it is still her best shot. The sweetspot is at the beginning of the move when Sheik’s wrists cross, so try connecting with that part.
  • Down smash: A useful kill move, but the hitboxes are unusual and don’t make much sense. Only use it near the edge of the stage.
  • Neutral aerial: A long, large hitbox that serves as a solid get-off-me move (or even as a gimp). That being said, the AI doesn’t use neutral aerial as often as it should, so it’s not necessary to teach.
  • Forward aerial (Hatchet): Forward aerial should be used in conjunction with forward tilt. Chaining forward tilts into a string of forward aerials is one of Sheik’s best methods of racking up damage.
  • Back aerial: A rather awkward leg extension. It’s a very useful move to teach the AI, as it has unending gimp power and a lasting hitbox. Use back aerial frequently as both a kill option and a gimping tool.
  • Up aerial: It can be chained into itself to rack up damage or even KO when close to the upper blast zone. Repeatedly use up aerial against airborne opponents in an attempt to combo the move into itself.
  • Down aerial: The one move that the AI seems to very much enjoy, down aerial is a very fast angled drop. The AI often leaves itself vulnerable when performing the move, so try to avoid it at all costs.
  • Neutral special (Needle Storm): Sheik’s best damage builder at long range. The AI learns to charge and use this move, but does so sparingly. Teach this move to the Figure Player, but don’t use it in the air.
  • Side special (Burst Grenade): Moderately useful for high-percentage KOs. Only use it against off-stage opponents, and even then, don’t use it too often.
  • Up special (Vanish): A near pixel-perfect recovery move that deals damage to nearby enemies. The AI tends to overshoot the ledge and recover high, so be sure to punish this. In the meantime, don’t use Vanish as an attack — recovery purposes only.
  • Down special (Bouncing Fish): It can be used to KO off-stage. The AI can learn this, but only if it watches its trainer demonstrate. Successfully landing Bouncing Fish will typically require a read, as the AI can detect the hitbox coming out and will know to air dodge it. Definitely teach this to the FP, as it is the character’s best hope for KOing heavyweight opponents.

If you would like to learn more about the potential for Sheik in the amiibo metagame, Amiibo Doctor has written a post in conjunction with this training guide. The post can be found here. If you would like to read more guides, follow this link to return to the master list.


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