Cloud’s Forum Adventures – Fan-Made Episodes

Cloud’s Forum Adventures (often shortened to CFA) was an awful comic series I worked on from 2012 to 2015. You’ll see what I mean just by reading one episode: its characters are dull, its plot is cliche, and its visuals are awkward and uninteresting.

Episode Archive

Believe it or not, Cloud’s Forum Adventures has had enough fans to generate a multitude of fan-made episodes. Although rare, these episodes are drawn by different artists and feature radically different art styles and storylines. Most of them are rather old, but then again, all of CFA is!

Luckily, it’s rather unlikely we’ll ever see any more fan-made episodes. Vanilla CFA is overwhelming enough! By the way, all of these episodes were drawn in 2014; specifically, around the time Season 2 was finished.

If you would like to read more Cloud’s Forum Adventures, please follow this link.


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