How to train a Ridley amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complete summary of Ridley’s performance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, AI quirks, and an archive of tournament representation and results.

Stats & Spirit Effects

At the time of writing, a vast majority of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo tournaments have enacted a blanket ban on Spirits. Within only a few months of the game’s release, competitions that allowed Spirits became stale; this is because almost every entry utilized heavily defensive Spirits and stats. For more information, check the Spirits & Equipment page.

Ridley can run a variety of setups, but Armor Knight and Move Speed ↑ (or Super Armor, if the bonus is permitted) are his best options. Either a balanced stat distribution (2100 / 2100) or defensive one (0 / 4200) will work for the character based on playstyle. Other options include Instadrop, Great Autoheal, and Air Attack ↑, but forgoing Armor Knight is not recommended.

Recommended Training

An amiibo becomes strongest if it is mirror matched all the way to Level 50 with its Learn button switched on. Playing a best-of-five match (configurable via the rules menu) will cause it to level up much faster.

Ridley’s AI can be described in just one word: reckless. Some may assume Ridley has a strong off-stage game, but this is not the case; when going for edgeguards, the AI has a high chance of getting itself killed. As a result, Ridley is strongest when trained to stay on-stage at all times.

  • Neutral attack: Two quick claw swipes that can be extended into a rapid jab. It’s Ridley’s fastest move and can be useful to rack up damage at low percentages.
  • Forward tilt: A powerful tail stab with decent range. Ridley’s other tilts are slightly faster, so forward tilt should be set to low priority.
  • Up tilt: Good at juggling and can lead into an aerial move. Use it against falling opponents.
  • Down tilt: Ridley’s best combo setup. It connects into at least one forward aerial and can potentially connect into one more afterwards.
  • Dash attack: It’s okay, but Ridley has much better options available. Don’t prioritize dash attack during training.
  • Forward smash: A strong explosion with short range. It shouldn’t be relied on; instead, use it alongside Ridley’s other kill options.
  • Up smash: Only useful to hit characters on platforms above. Shouldn’t be used much outside of that.
  • Down smash: Long startup lag, but it should be used at the edge to cover getup options or read rolls.
  • Neutral aerial: A solid damage racker with respectable speed and power. Use it often.
  • Forward aerial: It can be used near the edge to get early KOs. Also combos out of a down tilt.
  • Back aerial: Ridley’s best aerial kill move. Use it often, but don’t go off-stage to land it.
  • Up aerial: Mainly used to juggle opponents after an up tilt or up throw.
  • Down aerial: Bad move in competitive play, but it actually has its uses for Figure Players. The AI can use down aerial to snap itself back to the stage after being launched upwards; other FPs rarely react in time, making it a safer option than you might think.
  • Forward throw: Doesn’t combo into anything. Only useful for throwing opponents off-stage.
  • Back throw: See above.
  • Up throw: Ridley’s primary throw, as it tosses enemies into the air where they can be hit by an up tilt or up aerial.
  • Down throw: It can combo into a neutral aerial or forward aerial at lower percentages, but loses its utility as the enemy takes more damage. Up throw is generally a better option.
  • Neutral special (Plasma Breath): A powerful projectile that can be used at the edge. Absolutely destroys a recovering Ness. Don’t overuse Plasma Breath, as the AI will start spamming it.
  • Side special (Space Pirate Rush): It’s a command grab that can KO most characters at around 110%. Don’t use it off-stage – even to recover – as Ridley’s AI often self-destructs by accidentally grabbing its foe.
  • Up special (Wing Blitz): Recovery purposes only. Ridley will use Wing Blitz as an on-stage attack whether you teach it to or not; refrain from using Wing Blitz to minimize the chance of this happening.
  • Down special (Skewer): While Skewer appears to be a strong option, its large startup and strict spacing makes it more of a liability than an advantage.

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