Super Mario Maker 2: Community Level Compilation #1

Super Mario Maker 2 is just over a week old, and the community has been hard at work designing levels. Some of them are easy, but most of them are torture, and if you’re looking to have a terrible time, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of levels created by the Exion Discord server that you can’t find anywhere else – give ’em a shot!


Neighborhood Restaurant (MG5-VYY-W2G)

A fairly simple course that involves collecting five red coins to enter the local McDonald’s. It gets a bit tricky, but once you play through it a few times, it becomes pretty easy. Created by Cloud.


Labyrinth Hills (7GG-1WP-0VF)

Super Mario 3D World-themed level full of difficult puzzles to solve. Definitely one of the trickier levels on the list, but once you figure out what you’re supposed to do, everything becomes clear. Created by Cloud.


Megar’s Cool Hideout (WDQ-V2D-CNF)

Vaguely based on Megar from Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It involves simple platforming and clever use of the Superball Flower from Super Mario Land. You’ll also need to collect a certain amount of coins for the goal post to appear. Created by Cloud.


Flabbergast Forest (QK4-W41-41H)

A super-challenging Super Mario World level with no checkpoints. There are a lot of puzzles to solve, making it one of the most difficult levels on the list. Don’t try to cheese this one, because you’re going to lose a life for it. Created by Cloud.


no u 3 (53M-B10-XMG)

A “troll level” that’ll probably take you a whole bunch of tries to complete. It’s a desert-themed Super Mario Bros.-style level that’ll probably become frustrating sooner rather than later. Best for patient players! Created by Andro.


goomba heck (91T-XX2-7VG)

This level can be completed in just a few seconds, but only if you know what you’re doing. The first few attempts will be… interesting, to say the least. Created by Andro.


Mole City (178-9VT-F5G)

There are a lot of moles in this level. Not overly difficult, but might take a few tries to get the hang of. Created by Andro.

If you’d like to see your levels on our site, feel free to join our Discord server and post your level code in the #oc channel. Be sure to let us know you’d like your level featured. After playing it, we’ll decide the next selection of levels and add a new post!



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