How to train a Diddy Kong amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A complete summary of Diddy Kong’s performance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found on the character’s information page. It includes strengths and weaknesses, AI quirks, and an archive of tournament representation and results.

Stats & Spirit Effects

Using a balanced spread (2100 / 2100) or a more defensive one (1000 / 3200) are both fine options that work well on the character. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Diddy Kong benefits from a variety of Spirit effects; these include Armor Knight, Move Speed ↑, Instadrop, and Impact Run, among other choices. If you’ve seen a certain video by a certain YouTuber you may feel inclined to equip your FP with Instadrop: this is a great choice and makes for an aggressive amiibo.

Recommended Training

A Figure Player becomes strongest if it is mirror matched all the way to Level 50 with its Learn button switched on. Training will take several hours, but match rules can be interchangeably switched between Stock and Timed.

Diddy Kong benefits from an aggressive playstyle that integrates a wide variety of his moveset. Due to the character’s unreliable recovery, off-stage play is incredibly risky and should generally be avoided. Smash attacks should only be used when you are sure they will connect.

  • Neutral attack: It can be extended into a rapid jab that deals respectable damage. The AI can’t learn to jab lock on purpose, so don’t go trying to teach it something it can’t learn. Diddy Kong’s rapid jab should be used infrequently to rack up damage at close range.
  • Forward tilt: Decent speed and power. Use it frequently.
  • Up tilt: It can combo into aerials, and the AI can learn simple strings involving this move. Use it every once in a while to start a short combo.
  • Down tilt (Hand Clap): It can combo into an up smash at high percentages. The AI doesn’t use down tilt combos consistently, but may wind up “accidentally” using them with enough training.
  • Dash attack: The AI doesn’t find much use out of its dash attack. Fine to use every once in a while, but don’t focus on it.
  • Forward smash: A decent KO option, but it has a bit of ending lag. Use it sparingly to secure a kill at high percentages.
  • Up smash: Opponents escape Diddy Kong’s up smash rather easily, so only use it when the enemy is directly above. Otherwise packs respectable damage and knockback.
  • Down smash: A solid get-off-me move. Use it infrequently. As a general rule of thumb, amiibo will spam down smash attacks if their trainers overuse it – so make sure you don’t try it too much.
  • Neutral aerial: Low damage and high ending lag. It can be used sometimes but should not be focused on.
  • Forward aerial (Screw Kick): A solid edgeguard. As mentioned earlier, edgeguarding should generally be avoided, but you should be fine as long as you don’t go too far off-stage.
  • Back aerial: Solid power and knockback. amiibo AI isn’t very proficient with its use of back aerial, but it’s still worth teaching.
  • Up aerial: It’s really fast and can juggle. The AI will learn it if you teach it to. Use up aerial rather often.
  • Down aerial: Strong but slow. Don’t be cheeky with meteor smashes, but if you can pull it off without risking much, go for it.
  • Forward throw: Decently powerful, but otherwise only serves to rack up damage.
  • Back throw: Diddy Kong’s strongest throw. It can be used at high percentages for a situational kill.
  • Up throw: The AI can learn to combo it into an up aerial, but this isn’t a necessary maneuver.
  • Down throw: It can lead into aerials at low percentages, but doesn’t have much use otherwise.
  • Neutral special (Peanut Popgun): Decent if used infrequently. Try not to charge it too long, and only use it from afar (that means no full-charge shield break punishes!).
  • Side special (Monkey Flip): A versatile attack that can function as a command grab. Generally, the command grab is more useful, though the AI can’t and shouldn’t use the move off-stage.
  • Up special (Rocketbarrel Boost): amiibo AI has a problem with using its up special at random, and Diddy Kong is no exception. Use Rocketbarrel Boost for recovery purposes only.
  • Down special (Banana Peel): It’s fine to use every once in a while, but the FP will often forget to grab the banana, leaving it to the opponent. Furthermore, amiibo struggle to perform combos with items; they generally will toss it and forget about it.

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