Professional Amiibo League: The Return!

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Last season, Dreamy Jay’s King Dedede, Mr. Mallet, dominated the competition and claimed the Rose Gold Peach trophy AND a $70 Nintendo eShop gift card! This season is looking like it will be even bigger than last! Do you have what it takes to be a pro? If so, read more and find out what it will take to be the champion of the Professional Amiibo League!

If you missed out on the last season let me first explain how this League works. This can be a bit of a long explanation so don’t let your eyes glaze over. The design of the Professional Amiibo League (hereafter known as PAL) is to be sure only the best of the best stick around. It isn’t easy to hold onto your spots!

PAL is a league that “rolls over” the results form one season to the next. If you are familiar with EPL Football you have some basic concept of what’s going on. For those who don’t, allow me to explain.

The League will have only 32 “slots” available. These 32 Amiibo will be divided into four groups of eight Amiibo. Each division will get a cute name in honor of the four systems the previous Smash games were played on: the N64 Division, the GameCube Division, the Wii Division, and the 3DS Division. (Yes, I realize that leaves out the Wii U but we only have four divisions and it would be confusing to have both the Wii Division and the Wii U Division)

The organization of these divisions is critical to understanding who gets to participate in the League. Once you know there are divisions you are ready to learn about… the four phases of PAL!

PAL PHase 1

At the end of each season the Trainers whose Amiibo placed in the top 6 of their respective division will be invited back to the next season of PAL. This means that 24 slots will be taken up by previous trainers each season. This means, should they elect to take them, this season’s reserved trainers are Dreamy Jay, Fernando___, Cloud, the Splice Climber community, Blue, Burr, Smitty, Mythril Zenith, UmbreonZoroark, Leaf, kingPingu435, Jester, ninHartless, DarkSearchMan, sniper_bano, Blank, Cucco_Master, PapaPage, MiDe, & SteelDragon.

However, those Trainers who were in the bottom three slots of their divisions will be relegated back to the general pool of Trainers and have to fight to reclaim one of the 12 open slots.

It is at this time that all Trainers, whether they are returning or new challengers can submit a different Amiibo than the one they used in the previous season. There is one exception however: the champion of the previous season must defend their title with the Amiibo they won the previous season with! For that reason, Dreamy Jay’s King Dedede, Mr. Mallet, is here to defend his crown! And considering he won a staggering 81% of all his matches, that won’t be an easy task!

Regardless of the difficulty in taking him down. This leads us tooooooooo…

PAL PHase 2

The Play-In Tournament will be an open invite to all Trainers who haven’t already claimed one of the 24 reserved slots. Want one of the final 12 open slots? Well, then you’re going to have to place in the top 12 of the Play-In Tournament to get into PAL.

On top of that, whoever actually wins the Play-In Tournament will also receive a $5 Nintendo eShop gift card as a bonus! Fun.

This ingenious system is entirely the idea of Burr. I love how it gives anyone, new or old, a chance to compete but also provides a good amount of League stability. At any rate, once the open slots are claimed it’s time to move onto….

PAL PHase 3

With all 32 slots filled it’s time for everyone to get organized into their respective divisions and to fight. Each Amiibo within a division will fight against every other Amiibo in their division in a Best-of-3 set with the maps set to a rotation of Ω / Battlefield / Ω stages. The stages that flatten hit boxes will, of course, be removed from the available list of stages. This hurts me because I love the Duck Hunt and Mario Maker aesthetics but prices must be paid to be professional!

The rankings within each division will be determined by the following tiebreaker criteria:

  1. Set wins
  2. Game win percentage
  3. Stock differential
  4. Record against tied opponents

At the end of the Regular season, everyone will have played seven sets. The bottom two Trainers in each division get relegated back to the public pool. Ranks 4-6 in each division can let out a sigh of relief because they have locked in one of the reserved slots for next season. However the top 3 in each division get to do a little bit more than live to fight in another season. The top 3 get advance tooooooooo…

PAL PHase 4

The Playoffs is where we crown our champion. A 12-team double-elimination tournament. Each division champion is rewarded with a bye out of round 1 and await the 2 or 3 seed that survives. Just like the regular season these sets will Best-of-3 series with 2 stocks aside on an Ω / Battlefield / Ω map rotation.

Those who place highly will be rewarded with both Amiibo and Nintendo eShop gift cards (these can be substituted for Amazon eGift Cards as well if selected by the winners). Currently the prize pool is set at $250 but can be increased with donations to the Prize Pool by willing participants (more on that in a second). But, assuming we don’t receive another dime, this is what the payouts would look like:


1st- $85 + Golden Ice Climber Amiibo
2nd– $45 + Silver Lucas Amiibo
3rd-  $25 + Bronze Fox Amiibo
4th-  $20
5th & 6th- $15
7th & 8th- $10

The prize pool comes generously out of the pockets of your fellow competitors who have elected to donate to it. You do not have to donate anything to play, however, if you do participate please be awesome and help increase the Prize pool by at least a dollar! Seriously, every little bit helps! 

We are providing bonuses for donating. Donating $1 or above nets you a thank you in the end credits. $5 or more you will get a shout out at the end of each stream. $10 or more nets you the Producer title and access to our special producer room in our Discord (where we make decisions regarding the league). Thanks to our current producers sniper_bano, Leaf, & Supernova384! We greatly appreciate your contributions!

We used to have a $50 slot open to become the title sponsor but it has been snatched up! So this is where I am proud to announce that the second season of PAL is officially sponsored by the Legalize Wuhu Island Movement! Go check them out if you think we should expand the Smash-meta to include this wonderful stage!

Obviously, this being dubbed a Professional league is, of course, a bit of an overstatement. Barring some billionaire deciding he wants to bet heavy on the Amiibo meta-game, no one is making a living of these tournament winnings. But to be professional is more than just making your living off of something. It’s a state of mind and a technical prowess. We will be approaching this as professionally as possible because we want this community to grow and a centralized, recognized League will be a good way of doing it. As such, we need everyone to be behaving professionally as well. If you wish to participate, please read and follow the Sportsmanship Agreement we have posted in the Official Rules.

Also, because we are trying to make this as professional as possible, we will be asking for photographic proof in the submission form that you own the physical Amiibo you are submitting. We are hoping, in future seasons, that we might be able to secure sponsorship so we can gain more visibility for the Amiibo scene and offer even cooler Prizes to participants. That will never happen if we aren’t taking every precaution to avoid piracy.

Now, with all this said, you are of course asking, “Splice, you windbag, you’ve gone on too long! When does this awesome thing start… wait! I didn’t say, ‘awesome,’ in my head! Now you’re just putting words into my mouth!” Well, I’m glad you asked.

The .bin files must be submitted via this form by 11:59 PM EST, Saturday September 28th.
The Play-In Tournament will start 4pm PAC/8pm EST, Tuesday October 1st and will be streamed on (follow the channel if you want to be notified when we go live)
Amiibos submitted must be Vanilla Amiibos with Learning Off.
There will be no items or Final Smash meter, in case you were worried about that.
And in case it wasn’t clear you submit your .bin files through this form only. We are not accepting bin files through Discord.

Burr is the official commissioner of the League. I am more of the face of it. The announcer. If you have any questions you can always ask me or him and we’ll be happy to answer them. Last season was a blast and we hope this one is even more fun! We had 48 participants last time! Here’s hoping for an even bigger pool this time!

So come on! Be a PAL! Now, if you’ll excuse me, Burr and I have a lot of work to do to get this thing ready by October. But, until next time…

Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!

Professional Amiibo League official rules
Submit your Amiibo to PAL with this form
The PAL blog
Follow the official PAL twitter account for updates
All matches will be broadcast on The usual schedule will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm PAC/7pm EST starting October 1st.



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