Time for a little chaos control

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”
-King Henry from William Shakespeare’s Henry V

The Smash League of Amiibo Pairs is making it’s triumphant return! For those who don’t know, this is likely the longest running Amiibo Tournament in the world (S.L.A.P. Season 00 started in January of 2015). What started as a small local tournament hosted among my Smash Bros. group has ballooned into a worldwide event with one of the most coveted trophies in all of amiibodom- the S.L.A.P. Trophmiibo!

Those are both words by the way. It’s science.

Now, this isn’t your average tournament. It’s pure insanity. Amiibo Doubles. Items on. Stage Hazards on. Something called the Anti-Playoffs. You want in on this? I think you kind of do. We’ve had to change the format up a bit to accommodate the larger group size but trust me, it’s as wild as ever. Only one tournament produces moments like this so jump in and embrace the sweet touch of madness.

So, past seasons of S.L.A.P. have been very long-form Round Robins followed by Single Elimination Playoffs. We enjoyed that format but always ran into an issue where people would get excited partway through when they discover the tournament but then get bummed out that, they can’t join and it would be months before another one would get hosted. That ends this season.

Now we will have a series of Qualifier Tournaments that will lead to a Playoff Tournament. Right now the plan is for a series of 8 Qualifier Tournaments, each with 16 teams in them (if we get more than 32 teams submitted though, I’m willing to expand it to 24 teams). The winner of each Qualifier Tournament gets automatically put into the S.L.A.P. Playoff Tournament.

The Playoff Tournament will have 16 available seeds. The more astute readers will realize that 8 Qualifier Tournament champions is less than 16. Good catch. The final 8 slots will be rewarded via a TrueSkill Ranking system hosted on braacket.com. As we haven’t had a single tournament yet it’s impossible to show you the rankings right now but here is a lifetime rankings of SLAP teams that can give you an idea of how it looks.



Each tournament, both qualifier and playoffs will be double-elimination, Best-of-3 matches. The winner of the Playoff Tournament will win the coveted Trophmiibo. The Trophmiibo is a custom, 3-D Printed trophy by my friend and longtime S.L.A.P. contestant, thread_speaker. We buy an Amiibo, rip out it’s soul (ie, we break it open and steal its NFC chip) and shove it into the trophy. For the 7th Season of S.L.A.P. the trophy functions as the 7th fighter of Smash, Fox! 

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Wait a minute Splice. Didn’t you say something about an Anti-Playoffs?” Well, my chum, you are right! I did! You see, as time has gone on some people have found what they enjoy most is not trying to send a good team but the worst team. Don’t ask me why, but this is the situation I find myself in.

So of course we reward this behavior with the AntiPlayoffs. In the past it was easy to see who belonged. In a Round Robin format you just take whichever teams are at the bottom. In this case though, we will be taking the teams at the bottom of the TrueSkill ranking. The bottom 16 teams to be more precise. Yes, the bottom 16 teams will square off in a Single Elmination, Worst-of-3 advances tournament to claim the crown of worst team in S.L.A.P.. And for the first time ever, we have a prize for whoever “wins” the AntiPlayoffs.S07AntiTrophy

What you are looking at here is the Anti-Playoffs trophy. It’s not two shoes put on top of a power tag. No, this is a Dark Pit amiibo that I had been spray painting to give away for a different tournament in the future. Forgetting he was in there I sort of… um… well he got run over by a car in my garage as it was parking. We are calling him “Park Pit” as a result. So I spray painted him gold and now he’s the “reward” for winning the Anti-Playoffs. I cannot think of a better metaphor for the AntiPlayoffs than this.

One of the reasons I like the idea of the Qualifier tournaments is because people who arrive late still have a chance of competing with a real chance of winning (albeit harder since they probably will have to win a qualifier to get in). This is also true of the people trying to qualify for the AntiPlayoffs because each time they enter they will be trying to fall further down the standings as each loss piles on top of the others.

By the same token it rewards people who show up early with a path to the Playoffs without winning a Qualifier outright. This should be very fun. Regardless of whether you’re trying to send a good team or a bad team, all Amiibo must follow the same rules as to what level they are, their stats, Spirits, etc. They are:

Level: Your amiibo must be at level 50 and have maximum LEGAL stats (no hacking. Somoene submits a 32k stat Amiibo I’m uberbanning you forever… I have ways!). This is to prevent someone from trying to win the AntiPlayoffs just by being boring and sending a pair of level 1 amiibo.

Spirits: This is a Spirited tournament. The following Spirits are banned

  • Armor Knight
  • Autoheal
  • Greater Autoheal
  • Slow Super Armor
  • Super Armor
  • Additionally, only one Amiibo per team is allowed to have Instadrop

Two of the same Amiibo are allowed: However if you do this I will be asking for photographic proof you own both. We here at the Splice Stream do not support piracy.

Now, with a format like this there are bound to be a few questions. Hopefully I can answer most of them with this quick FAQ:

Question: Do I have to resend my team each and every week for each qualifier tournament?
Answer: No. You need only submit once and, unless you tell me otherwise, I’ll include that as an autoregistration for every subsequent qualifier tournament. Saves all of us some time!

Question: If more people apply than there are slots in your first Qualifying Tourney, how will you determine who gets in?
Answer: I first will give priority to whoever has appeared in the least number of qualifying tournaments. After that, I’ll go in order of who applied. For that reason it definitely helps you the sooner you apply as it moves you up the priority list.

Question: If I win a Qualifying tournament, does that mean my team doesn’t get to play again until the Playoffs Tournament?
Answer: Yes. Your team cannot play again until the Playoffs. HOWEVER, if you win a qualifying tournament you may submit a second team as long as that team doesn’t share any of the same characters as your first team. The reason for this is I don’t want someone to feel like they are punished for winning and have to wait about two months for being champ of a Qualifier.

Question: Wait! You mean someone could, in theory, take up multiple Playoff Tournament slots?
Answer: Yes. You have to win at least one Qualifying Tournament outright to qualify for it, but it is possible. It pays to be a winner.

Question: I didn’t like how my team played in the first tournament and want to fix them. Since this is a series of tournaments can I update the .bin files for my team as they go?
Answer: This is a very fair question but I’m going to say, “No.” This is simply because dealing with people updating bins is annoying and I have enough to do. If you’d like to resubmit your team halfway through, you are allowed to do it but that will disqualify your previous team from the playoffs or the AntiPlayoffs. Only do this as a last resort!

Question: You have all this other zaniness here. Why not turn on the Smash Meter?
Answer: Smash Meter remains off because if we leave it on suddenly how good your  amiibo’s Final Smash is overcomes basically everything else. We want Final Smashes in the form of popping the Smash Ball but I don’t want it to be the ONLY thing that really matters.

Question: You said Stage Hazards are on. Does this mean all stages are on?
Answer: Good question. No. We’ve turned off lots of stages. If a stage is off it’s because the stage’s gimmick just isn’t that fun to watch or there are too many other stages too similar to it. The list of banned stages can be found at the bottom of the sign-up form

Question: I live outside of the United States. If I win it all (or lose it all in the case of the AntiPlayoffs) are you still willing to ship my trophy to me?
Answer: I AM still willing but depending upon where you live that could really eat into my budget. So if you live outside of the USA we may have to work out shipping costs between us.

Question: I am a minor. If I win it all will you ship my trophy to me?
Answer: You have to be at least 12 years old to enter but if you’re still legally a minor and you win a trophy, I do need you to get your parents’ or legal guardian’s permission before I will ask for your address to ship to you. I think we can all agree that a grown man asking for minors’ addresses outright is a recipe for disaster.

Okay, all that’s left is when these teams are due. The due date for each individual Qualifier Tournament will be the Saturday before that tournament. That means for QUalifying Tournament Alpha the due date is Saturday, December 7th at 11:59pm Mountain time. If you miss that date, don’t worry, you can get in time for SLAP 07 Qualifying Tournament Bravo in a week’s time.

I hope a ton of you will enter! S.L.A.P. is intense fun to stream and to watch! You will enter the tournament by filling out this sign-up sheet and submitting your bins through it. We will be streaming live on every Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern on twitch.tv/splicestream starting on December 10th! We hope to catch you watching there because the amiibo community is awesome to hang out with.

But, until then…
Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!


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