How to train a Raid Boss amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Welcome to the highly-demanded second post on Raid Boss amiibo! For this post, I’m going to take on an analytical view of the mindset and method required to train a great Raid Boss amiibo. Keep in mind that this entire genre of amiibo falls out of our specialty – but with my understanding of amiibo AI and bonus effects, I think I can be considered more than credible on this subject. Without further ado, let’s get into the steps!

When I asked the origin of Raid Boss amiibo (Choctopus) what he did to train his own, his response was one I absolutely love to hear:

“I think people overthink it. I just beat the [heck] out of an amiibo for 2 hours.”

In my opinion, this is the best mentality going into Raid Boss training. The format is casual and fun, so “tryharding” will probably net you minimal results. However, for those of you interested in Raid Boss amiibo training or wondering how you can improve yours, this article is for you!

Planning Phase


Before you start training, you will need to map out your Raid Boss from the beginning while leaving room for on-the-fly decisions later on. What I would do first is reference our amiibo training guides, and when you do, look out for the “moves to avoid” category. Just about every amiibo character has a move the AI doesn’t use properly.

Step 0: Planning

The first step is to plan your Raid Boss from the beginning, and leave room for on-the-fly decisions later. What I would do first is to reference our amiibo Training Guides – not for their actual fighting style, as the ones described in the guides are specifically for amiibo vs amiibo. Instead, you will be searching for what moves not to use – every amiibo has at least one move that it does not use properly, and will easily be exploited if you teach your Raid Boss to use it. If the character you are training does not yet have a guide, ask other amiibo trainers, such as the ones in the Exion Discord server.

Next, getting a general idea of how you want the amiibo to fight in your head is something that will help greatly. What moves will be a lot better with the amiibo buffs, or the Spirit bonuses you have planned out? Do you just want them to be a C-stick warrior, or maybe a stylish jerk that spikes for every KO or taunts mid-combo? Deciding all this beforehand is crucial, especially if you plan to feed spirits.

Lastly, you need to decide what spirits benefit the character and the playstyle you have picked out. There’s a wide range of bonuses, and lots of ways to  make this already overwhelming opponent even stronger. Pick out what you want for them, and prepare the spirits.

Step 1: Spirits

You should definitely feed spirits before training at all. My recommendation is to equip the same spirits you feed them on a level 99, 1-star Spirit – my go-to for amiibo training is always Smeargle. Feeding spirits first is important, because it makes your training more valuable. If you feed spirits later on in the process, it waters down your training, and in some cases completely undoes it. Get your amiibo to the stat balance you prefer, and get ready to start training!

Step 2: Training

You should train your amiibo with their Learn button set to ON while fighting opponents you want them to copy, and set to OFF while fighting opponents you do not want them to copy. I recommend mirror matching your Raid Boss all the way from Level 1-50, however this can be daunting and some people may only want to go halfway or so before throwing them against CPUs or other amiibo to finish the job. If they are fighting any opponent besides a mirror match, I cannot recommend turning Learning to OFF enough – trying to mimic a fighter with even a slightly different moveset can have some confusing results. Please note that while Learning if OFF, they will still level up just as fast, but their fighting style will not change.

Step 3: ???

After this, do whatever! It’s your Raid Boss, if you want to train them to use items, if you wanna throw them against four amiibo at the same time to force them to either become the best or die trying, whatever it is, you do it! This format is meant to be fun and casual, and as such there’s nothing wrong with doing something you want to experiment with.

Step 4: Profit!

And now, you’ve created a monster, a beast of pure power and hatred that will make all of your friends not want to come over to your house anymore. Congratulations! Enjoy your new, potentially slightly improved, and Amiibo Dojo instructed Raid Boss amiibo. Thank you so much for reading, and see you next time!

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