Community Spotlight: Captain Kidd

Hello everyone! Welcome to our second Community Spotlight post, where we are going to show off a creator with amiibo-related content who deserves a lot more attention. Since our last post, our community has grown even larger, and new members are joining the Exion Vault Discord server at a rapid rate! It’s exciting times for sure, but our work is nowhere near complete. This year is going to be full of exciting things for amiibo training!

One of those things happens to be a training and tournament series on YouTube run by Captain Kidd. His videos (amiibo-related or otherwise) are super entertaining, and their editing makes them even more enjoyable to watch. To top it all off, you can tell he’s having a blast the whole time, which is something I love to see from any content creator.

He doesn’t train his amiibo specifically for competition, but he also doesn’t train them as Raid Bosses. Kidd just does his own thing and doesn’t worry about the specifics, which makes for an endearing adventure as the amiibo face off against each other. It’s just good fun, which is what amiibo training should be at the end of the day.

As far as his actual amiibo go, I have to say he’s got a pretty good grasp on training them well. His R.O.B. amiibo, Gyrocologist, certainly shocked me (and appeared more competent than any other R.O.B. amiibo I’ve seen so far). 14/M/Onett, his Ness, is also a fighter I love to watch, being both competent and fun at the same time.

Captain Kidd may not be the bastion of an entire category of amiibo training as Choctopus is with Raid Bosses, but his content is just as enjoyable and well worth a watch. I’m excited to see what else he creates in the future – and a little birdie tells me to expect big things this year! Thanks so much for reading, and see you next time!



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