Third time’s the charm

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet”
-Gen. Jim Mattis

In Season 1, Dreamy Jay’s King DeDeDe, Mr. Mallet, went on a warpath through the Play-In Tournament, Divisional Rounds, and Playoffs. He lost only one set the entire way and claimed the first ever Professional Amiibo League title.

Last season, CyFy’s Bowser, ToughClaw, took only third in the Play-In Tournament, but didn’t lose a single set after that and claimed Season 2 title. But now Bowser has been banned. Incineroar has been banned too. The meta-game is in an interesting place… do you have what it takes to climb the ladder of the Pro Amiibo League and claim part of the $250 prize pool and the golden Pichu trophy!? If you think you do, then keep reading and find out if you have what it takes to be a pro!

If you know all about how the Pro Amiibo League works and just need the sign up form and the rules… well…

Here is the sign-up form:

For everyone else

The Professional Amiibo League (presented by Legalize Wuhu Island) is a dedicated collection of Amiibo trainers seeking to compete at the highest levels of the Amiibo metagame. The tournament format places an emphasis on a tournament format that allows for new trainers, no matter how new or experienced, to earn their way into the competitive scene while also cultivating long standing rivalries to entertain the competitors and viewers. A general outline of how the season will progress is laid out below with more detailed bylaws found on this page should you need it.

PAL will have 32 Amiibos divided up into four divisions of eight teams: N64 Division, GameCube Division, Wii Division, and 3DS Division. Which division an Amiibo is slotted into will depend upon their final ranking at the end of the previous season and/or the Play-In Tournament (more on the Play-In Tournament later).

If an amiibo fails to qualify for the PAL they will be put into PAL’s minor league, PAL Lite (brought to you by the The Flying Cucco Aerospace Division… yes, Cucco-Master has sponsored PAL Lite and that’s what he’s going with… and we in the Professional Amiibo League support his right to do so. I for one support my local poultry-based air force). PAL Lite operates concurrently with PAL though the division sizes may differ according to the number of fighters we have available.

The tournament is officially being organized and run by Burr with the matches being hosted twice a week by Splice on You will be able to catch your Amiibo’s matches on Mondays & Wednesdays at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern time on . To get notified when the matches go live, follow his channel.

The tournament qualifications for your amiibo are as stated below:

  • Bowser and Incineroar are banned
  • Vanilla amiibo only (no spirits)
  • Omega-Battlefield-Omega stage format, best 2-of-3
  • 2 stocks- 4 minute timer
  • Items off
  • FS Meter off
  • Other rules can be found in the sign-up form

So yes, any vanilla amiibo that isn’t Bowser or Incineoar are allowed. now that you know that it’s on to how the actual procedure of a Pro Amiibo League season goes. There are four phases to each season:

PAL PHase 1

Obviously, this step has already happened, but you need to understand this to understand how the league works. At the end of the season, the Trainers whose Amiibo placed in the top 5 of their respective divisions will be invited to take one of the 24 reserved slots for the next season. Trainers who placed in the bottom three slots of their division will be relegated. This means next season they will be forced to try to play their way into next season’s PAL along with any new challengers.

It is at this time all Trainers may submit a different Amiibo than the one they used the previous season. The lone exception is the previous season’s champion who must defend their crown with the Amiibo they won the championship with (obviously with Bowser being banned this rule could not be enforced and CyFy was forced to defend his title with a different amiibo)

Additionally, 4 more Reserved Slots were awarded to those who took a top 4 slot in the PAL Lite tournament of the previous season. (more on PAL Lite later)

PAL PHase 2

Any newcomers along with those Trainers who got relegated in the previous season may take part in the Play-In Tournament to attempt to claim one of the final 8 open slots. Every trainer who does not already have one of the 24 reserved slots may submit one Amiibo provided you can properly fill out the sign-up form by the February 14th deadline!

The Play-In Tournament will be a set of 3 matches in a double elimination tournament. Anyone who reaches the final 8 will get into the PAL Regular season, with seeding determined by placement in the Play-In Tournament. The winner of the Play-In Tournament will also receive a $5 Nintendo eShop Gift Card

PAL PHase 3

After the Play-In tournament every Amiibo will be seeded into one of the four PAL Divisions. Once seeded each Amiibo will face off against every other Amiibo in their Division. Each divisional set will be best-of-three matches with the maps being played out in the order of Omega-Battlefield-Omega. Every Amiibo will take part in one set of matches per night that the host streams.

The rankings within the division will be determined by the following tiebreaker criteria:

  1. Set wins
  2. Game win percentage
  3. Stock differential
  4. record against tied opponents

If you are in PAL you want to avoid being in the bottom 3 of your division. Players in the bottom 3 of each division will be relegated and have to fight their way back in next season. This creates excitement at both the bottom and top of the division standings. If you are in the top 5 of your division, congratulations, you have a reserved slot for next season and don’t have to play your way in!

PAL Lite will follow the same format as PAL, though the divisions in PAL Lite are the Game & Watch Division, Game Boy Division, Virtual Boy Division, and GBA Division. PAL Lite will be populated with up to 32 players who did not qualify for PAL proper.

Whether someone qualified for PAL or PAL Lite, the goal is the same. Get into the top 3 of your Division. The reason for this is because trainers who get in the top 3 of their Division qualify for…

PAL PHase 4

The playoffs will be a 12 team, double elimination tournament. Each division champion will be given a bye to round 2. The remaining #2 and #3 seeds will face off in round one. Every set will be identical to the regular season by being a 2-stock, Best-of-Three set on the Omega-Battlefield-Omega format.

The current prize pool sits at $250 plus 5 troph-miibos to be given to 1st-5th place in PAL. The prize pool can grow if more people desire to contribute to it (more on that later).


At time of this writing the breakdown is…

  1. $90 plus the Golden Pichu Troph-miibo
  2. $45 plus the Silver Simon Troph-miibo
  3. $25 plus the Bronze Wii Fit Trainer Troph-miibo
  4. $20 plus the Metallic Black Dark Samus Troph-miibo
  5. $15 plus the Big Blue Captain Falcon Troph-miibo
  6. $15
  7. $10
  8. $10
  9. $5
  10. $5
  11. $5
  12. $5

This is just the current prize pool. At the time of this writing, we are $65 away from our next cutoff which would increase the prize pool to $300 and add one more Trophmiibo to the mix. If you wish to donate to the prize pool click here to donate (just leave a note letting Splice know this is for the prize pool and he doesn’t think you’re just super generous and want him to be able to buy meat this week). People who donate $10 or more become a Producer. For information on Producershirp and it’s benefits,just read here.  

Be aware, that if you live outside of the US and you win one of the troph-miibo there may be complications getting the amiibo to you due to high international shipping costs. If it comes to that you may be asked to help cover some of the shipping to get it to you because… well… Splice be poor and doesn’t have the budget for that. XD

In addition to these phases there will also be a one day All-Star Celebration (brought to you by Supernova’s Youtube channel!) happening between days 5 & 6 of the Regular Season. Previous All-Star events included the All-Star Tournament, Survive the Steamroller, and Rough The Puff. The All-Star Celebration (still brought to you by Supernova’s Youtube channel!) was a ton of fun last season and we hope everyone will enjoy it again.

The deadline to sign up is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, Friday, February 14th, 2020. You MUST sign up via this form. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Burr or myself via Discord. This is always a ton of fun each season we do this so we look forward to seeing how this season goes (especially with a certain cat and dino-turtle not in the mix).

The first matches of the Play-In Tournament will be broadcast Monday, February 24th at 5pm Pacific/7pm Eastern. We hope to see you in chat early and on time because we will have a pretty snazzy intro for this season. Don’t want to hype it up too much but let’s just say… I’m very excited for this surprise. Let’s just hope that feeling lasts.

Every stream will have a break in the middle where we play Marbles on Stream with the audience. The Marbles on Stream break is officially brought to you by… oh, hey! You’re already here! Thanks so much to Cloud for being the official sponsor of the Marbles on Stream break!

This season promises to be the highest quality season ever, both in terms of the competition and stream quality. So, don’t drag your feet. Get your amiibo submitted for a chance at glory and immortality! See you all on the battlefield! Until next time…

Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!


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