On the subject of plagiarism

As avid site readers might know, I started the Amiibo Dojo way back in August 2015. We quickly became the number one source of all things amiibo training, and although the name Amiibo Dojo has been retired, its content is still created on a regular basis (sometimes). Unfortunately, we’ve had an issue within the past few months: plagiarism of our guides. Several “news sites” have created their own amiibo training guides, but are actually rewording an outdated guide I posted years ago. Today, I’m going to debunk my own writings and explain why so many journalists have essentially copy-pasted my old work.

The Source of the Problem

Take a moment to search up “amiibo training guide”. Your first result will likely be an old reddit post. This was one of the first training guides I ever wrote! And it’s also the post that people constantly plagiarize. Right away, you’ll notice an issue: this essay is over five years old, and it’s for Smash 4, not Ultimate. Many “news sites” have been copying this post, which is outdated even by Smash 4 standards, and applying it to Ultimate, which is even worse. Worse yet is that it’s the number one search result for “amiibo training guide”, meaning these sites are googling it and rewording the first result.

If you read an amiibo training guide that isn’t here on the site, you can tell if it has copied my post. If the article in question mentions any of the following, it’s probably plagiarized my work: using the entire roster against the Figure Player, fighting the FP as Rosalina & Luma (or “strange characters”) after it reaches Level 31, or using a Level 9 CPU when the FP is at Level 1. We’ve had “news sites” (yes, in quotations) specifically mention Rosalina & Luma when training an amiibo, and that bit of information is generally how we can tell they’ve copied our work.

Regarding the three points I just made: there is no such thing as matchup experience on amiibo, so they can’t learn to better defend against certain characters. Fighting an FP as Rosalina & Luma might confuse them and “dull their senses”, so to speak, so I don’t recommend that either. In the case of a Level 9 CPU, definitely don’t do that. If your FP’s learn button is off, you can use a Level 9 CPU to increase its level without worry. I’ll take this opportunity to link you to a much better Ultimate training guide. And you can find that right here.

As you might expect, it’s really frustrating to work hard gathering information and having a bigger site claim our work as its own. Before we wrap up, I’d like to thank SmashWiki for properly citing our information! If you are a writer for a news site and want to write an amiibo training guide of your own, feel free to message me on Twitter and I would be happy to help you out. Despite our frustrations with plagiarism, we love to promote our little scene and get the word out to new trainers! You can also join our Discord server if you’d like to collaborate with us there.

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