Exion’s plan for summer 2020

Hey all, it’s been quite some time since our last update post! In fact, it’s been over six months. Crazy. Between managing the site, a job, and full-time college, things have been pretty busy for me. Despite that, we’ve managed to put a number of amiibo training guides over the past few days and – not to toot my own horn or anything – these might just be our best work yet! With summer fast approaching, there are a few things I’d like to talk about. I’m about to have a lot more time to devote to Exion and its content and community, so let’s go over some changes you can expect this summer!

More update posts

Mission accomplished. For the past year or so, most of our content has been just that: content. There hasn’t been much communication between you and I, and I’m looking to change that. From now on, I’m going to be more transparent in regard to pages and posts I’ve been working on. Today’s post is step one!

More content

Hopefully you saw this one coming, because it’s sort of obvious. We’re going to keep making content! That’s great news, right? The amiibo training guides you know and love (well, that last part is debatable) aren’t going anywhere. Our newer, more in-depth format takes a bit longer to develop, but we think it’s worth it for the sake of educating the masses on a topic nobody else really covers. If you haven’t seen some of my newest work, check out the guides I’ve written on Ness, King K. Rool, Pichu, Bayonetta and the Ice Climbers! (They’re worth a read, I promise.)

Next up, we’re (finally) introducing guest articles! If you haven’t notic ed by now, I like all of my posts to have a well-defined format. Guest articles throw that right out the window… kind of. After a brief leave of absence, Leaf is back to write some new guides (and has already written Link and Young Link), so you can look forward to that, too! Each writer’s guides will follow the same format; in other words, my guides will follow one format and Leaf’s will follow another. Confusing, right? I didn’t think so…

More tournaments

Thanks to Exion’s rapid growth, our Discord server has more members than ever before! Unfortunately, though, amiibo tournaments have been less and less frequent. We’re planning to fix this with exclusive competitions you won’t find anywhere else! In addition to the traditional file submission tours, we’ll also experiment with battle arenas. This means you won’t have to have a Powersaves portal to enter every tournament. It’s about time, right?

Speaking of our Discord server, we’re thinking of some ideas to promote additional activity. So far, we’ve come up with the question of the day, which encourages users to type out a full-fledged response in the corresponding channel. If you’re wondering whether to join the community or not, this isn’t going to sell you on it, but it’s something to look forward to nonetheless. We’d like to hear your ideas, too! If you have any ideas to make daily life more interesting, join the server and let us know!

More topics

As I mentioned earlier, our amiibo training content isn’t going anywhere. We do want to expand our horizons a little bit, though, so I’m planning on writing a few non-amiibo pieces. I know, I know, I’m breaking boundaries left and right here. I have published two such posts thus far: time traveling in Animal Crossing New Horizons and a lengthy review on Brain Age for Nintendo Switch (which isn’t even out in North America)! If you read and enjoyed these posts, please let me know, because it’ll encourage me to write more of them!

Some ideas I have for future posts are a full retrospective on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, a piece on Super Mario Galaxy’s unique atmosphere… and that’s all I’ve got for now. Those ideas will keep me busy for quite some time. I think of new post subjects rather often, though, so I’m not worried about running out of ideas.

Moving forward

Times are tough right now. Everybody’s cooped up inside (or at least, they have been for a few months). It can be hard to find motivation to get things done these days. I get it. I wish I could help everyone affected by the situation, but all I can do is write posts and articles. Hopefully that’s good enough for now! To anyone struggling right now, hang in there! If you look forward to reading my articles at all (even just a little bit), I’ve done my job. Thanks again for sticking around for so long! We’re going to keep working hard to keep Exion on top of the amiibo metagame. Until next time!


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