Training the strongest Luigi amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Believe it or not, Luigi was a top-tier character in Super Smash Bros. 4’s amiibo scene! It took trainers quite a while to discover his hidden potential, and it appears the same is true for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Like many others, Luigi suffers from a lack of representation; despite this, he’s held in high regard and is thought to counter or contend against many common threats.



Luigi boasts a number of unique strengths over his brother Mario. His moveset is fast and strong, he’s got powerful throws, a decent projectile, and a wide variety of kill moves. None of Luigi’s moves are notably better than the rest, but – Green Missile aside – none of them are notably worse, either. He has a large selection of viable attacks to use against opponents, and finding that perfect balance is the key to unlocking this character’s potential.

Unfortunately, Luigi has a few notable weaknesses, too. One is his recovery. Green Missile and Super Jump Punch work in tandem with each other, but they’re slow and leave Luigi vulnerable to attack. His air speed worsens this issue, as Luigi has one of the slowest in the game. Furthermore, Luigi Cyclone no longer grants any vertical distance, removing its usage of extending Luigi’s recovery.

Despite his flaws, Luigi is still a solid mid-tier fighter. He wasn’t nerfed too badly from Smash 4, so there’s definitely some wiggle room regarding his position on our tier list. If you’d like to read a bit more about Luigi and his position in the Exion amiibo metagame, check out his completed wiki page.



If you plan on equipping your Luigi amiibo with Spirits, try doing so as soon as possible. They actually change your FP’s personality and move priorities, so they’re best used at Level 1. If not, no worries — just be prepared for a spot of training afterward.

If you’ve read our guides before, you know the drill: Armor Knight and Trade-Off Ability ↑ are probably going to be your best bet. Thanks to Trade-Off Ability ↑, your FP won’t suffer from a speed penalty; in fact, its speed will be slightly increased overall.

Of course, Armor Knight is banned from most tournaments, so there are a few other options you could consider trying out. Using three Up Special ↑ bonuses increases Super Jump Punch’s power to nuclear levels, allowing it to KO its victims even earlier. Physical Attack ↑, Strong Throw, Hyper Smash Attacks, and Air Attack ↑ are other bonuses worth mulling over.



For best results, mirror match your Luigi amiibo until it reaches Level 50. This will take a little while, so if your FP reaches Level 35 and you’re kind of done with it, switch its Learning off and have it face a CPU until Level 50. Just be sure that your FP never fights a CPU opponent while its Learning is turned on.

Luigi has a wide variety of grounded options to choose from. His neutral attack is one of the fastest in his arsenal, letting him keep enemies at a comfortable distance. Forward tilt is a bit stronger, and can even KO at the ledge at extremely high percentages. Down tilt is highly spammable at the edge, though it doesn’t lead into anything the AI can follow up on. Luigi’s grab is one of his strongest tools, though his FP cannot utilize it as well as humans can. It can string a down throw into two forward aerials at low percentages, and occasionally pairs an up throw with an up air at medium percentages. It can’t use any of those crazy Twitter combos you might have seen, so don’t raise your hopes too high.

When the enemy is within kill range, Luigi can finish them off with one of his smash attacks. They’re all quite fast, especially for being so strong. Forward smash strikes directly in front of Luigi; its range is somewhat poor, but this can be circumvented with proper timing and spacing. Up smash catches aerial landings, while down smash is a more situational option that can intercept rolls or ledge getups. Luigi’s back throw can KO in a pinch – especially at the ledge – so try this out, too. Luigi Cyclone is notorious for its priority and invincibility frames, so it can function as a kill move as well. Super Jump Punch is extremely powerful when sweetspotted, and the AI does seem to be able to space it properly. Problem is, doing this is difficult and inconsistent, so I’d only recommend teaching the FP to use its up special infrequently. Use it too often and your amiibo is probably going to be KOed. It’s still great when it connects, though, so train a little bit of Super Jump Punch into it.

Luigi is not good off-stage. None of his tools can reliably gimp an opponent without putting his life at risk, so he’s forced to wait on-stage. Very important: do not use down taunts at the ledge to spike recovering enemies. FPs get out of control with taunts very quickly, and once they do, it’s difficult to get them to stop. Luigi’s down taunt almost never connects, and if the AI goes for it too much, it may start freezing during battles. Otherwise, as previously mentioned, stay on-stage at all costs. He could gimp his foe with a forward or down air, but he might not be able to make it back. Luigi’s air speed is too slow to warrant off-stage play, so it’s in his best interest to stay safe on the ledge.

Down taunt aside, there are two moves Luigi should never use, one of them being Green Missile. It’s fine to use it for recovery, but don’t roll for misfires unless you want your FP to start spamming them. Misfires are fairly uncommon, and most of the time, the AI will just leave itself open to attack. This could be deadly in a tournament setting, so don’t do it. When recovering, don’t bother using Luigi Cyclone, either, as it has been nerfed from Smash 4 and no longer grants any vertical height.



There’s a lot of potential left to find with Luigi — without a doubt. He’s lacking in dedicated trainers, so I hope this guide encourages some of you to try him out! He’s definitely got an interesting kit – one that could even win a tournament, with the right training – so give him a chance! If you need further assistance along the way, feel free to drop by our Discord server and ask a question! We’ll be happy to help. Once again, we do have a wiki page on Luigi, so bookmark that for later if you’re interested. Thanks so much for reading — happy training, and until next time!

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