Training an amiibo to taunt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The amiibo training community was overjoyed when we found out Figure Players could taunt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! They weren’t actually capable of taunting at Level 50 in Super Smash Bros. 4, so this was a great change. Very quickly, though, we noticed that teaching an FP to taunt brought many issues along with it — most notably, the freezing glitch. This left the concept of taunting reluctantly shut away, as it was considered too risky for any competitive FP. Of course, this didn’t stop trainers from teaching their amiibo to taunt anyway. Once the freeze glitch was patched, research into taunting became much more valued. Even so, most competitive FPs still don’t taunt, but some trainers out there want their amiibo to be an entertainer. We’re here today to help you achieve that goal!

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Teaching a specific taunt

At first, you might think teaching an FP to use a specific taunt is frustrating. That’s because it is, and there’s a ridiculous system at play. If you use your up taunt while training an FP, it’s going to learn to use its down taunt. What?! The reverse is true as well; using a down taunt will teach it to up taunt. Side taunts are normal, which is a relief, but the complications don’t end there.

While the freeze glitch was mostly patched, it does still linger in the concept of taunting. Specifically, if you use your down taunt, the FP can still freeze. We’re not exactly sure why this occurs, but FPs that use their up taunts seem to be at higher risk of freezing. There’s one more strange AI flaw to address here, but depending on your goal, you might see it as more “fun” than “flaw”. When a Snake amiibo is trained to taunt (any of them), it will continue to taunt until an opponent gets close. We have no idea why. Bizarre, isn’t it?

So, to review: to minimize the risk of your FP freezing, teach it to use its side taunt or down taunt. In other words, you should only use up taunts and side taunts. Alternatively, you could just not taunt at all, but where’s the fun in that? Keep in mind that once an FP starts taunting, it’s very difficult to get them to stop without resetting them. If you have any more questions about taunting (or amiibo training in general), feel free to join our Discord server! 

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