Teaching your amiibo to taunt

An amiibo’s capability to taunt was a feature we as a community were overjoyed to receive at the beginning of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Very quickly, however, we would discover that taunting came with many AI issues — most notably, the freeze glitch. This left the concept of taunting reluctantly shut away, considered too risky for any competitive amiibo. Of course, this didn’t stop some trainers from teaching it to their amiibo, and once the freeze glitch was patched, research into the subject became a lot more valued. Despite this, even today most competitive amiibo do not taunt, but some people simply want their FP to be an entertainer, and we’re here to help you achieve that goal!

Thanks to TooLoocas for contributing the information in this post! His twitter can be found here!


Teaching an amiibo the taunt you want the first few tries will seem frustrating, but this is because amiibo’s taunt learning seems to be mapped incorrectly. Teaching an FP to use Up Taunt will cause it to Down Taunt. The reverse is true as well; teaching it Down Taunt will cause it to Up Taunt. Side Taunt is normal, which is a relief, but the complications don’t end here.

While the freeze glitch was mostly patched out of the game, it does still linger in the concept of taunting somewhat; specifically, Up Taunt (Or in the trainer’s case, using Down Taunt will cause the glitch). It’s unknown why, but amiibo who use Up Taunt seem to have a risk of freezing when using it, with the glitch occurring about 50% of the time.

There is one more AI flaw to address in regards to taunting, but depending on your goal it may not be a flaw so much as an entertaining quirk. The Snake amiibo, when taught any taunt, will spam them until the opponent gets close to him. The reasoning for this is unknown, as it is an ultimately bizarre trait.

That’s all I have for this post, sorry if it was relatively short! You can expect more content coming up soon, exploring slightly more fun topics such as these!

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