Recapping the 6/22/20 Smash Bros. Direct

The Arms fighter direct has come and passed, and there is a surprising amount of information to unpack! The fighter has been revealed to be Min Min, one of the most popular choices I’ve seen since the teaser, and I think a lot of people are happy about this. If you don’t really have any interest in the fighter, there is still one important takeaway from this: Spirits no longer prevent fighters from being included. This means that a lot of fan favorites are back on the board going into the final 5 DLC fighters, and absolutely all expectations are shattered!

Min Min’s move set is quite complicated and unique, meaning I won’t be able to explain it without a dedicated post, which will come in the near future when we discuss her potential in the amiibo metagame. However, her fighting style is very deliberate — she is a long range fighter who struggles in close range and struggles with anti-air, meaning quick and aerial fighters will be difficult for her to handle. She’s certainly not the first fighter with these characteristics, but her design is unique enough she might bring a fresh take on this character archetype!

Now, beyond the Arms fighter, there was one other important thing revealed that we at Exion are especially excited for: DLC amiibo! While only two were revealed, it was confirmed that amiibo will be developed for all DLC fighters, which is a huge relief to those of us in the amiibo community. Joker and Hero will both be revealed in Fall of 2020, and they look exceptional, especially Joker.


It is odd that the Banjo amiibo was not announced alongside Hero, as they were revealed at the same time and amiibo have been released in groups of 3 so far, but we can’t rule out a change of pace, or something else being up Mr. Sakurai’s sleeve. While it’s not exactly deconfirmed, many Dragon Quest fans were looking forward to the prospect of a Hero 4-Pack, but it doesn’t seem to be likely.

That’s all the information we have for today, but this alone has spurred many ideas for content in the near future and made the amiibo community beyond excited! Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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