Minecraft Server Information

Exion’s 1.16 Java Minecraft server is available for every Exion member and their friends to play on. It is hosted in U.S. Atlanta 24/7 on Linux and is able to provide smooth gameplay for up to 10 users at once. Here, we encourage users to have a cooperative community playstyle, but we do also give users the freedom to play however they want.

We aim to provide the complete vanilla experience with very few server plugins. There are no chest locks, no grief prevention, no disabling of creeper explosions, etc. But we also have a competent staff team equipped with the tools to locate griefing, selectively roll back parts of the world and identify culprits, so rest assured that your properties will always be safe.

The rules are simple, short and concise and easy to follow. They are put in place to ensure that everyone can have the best experience possible on the server, so please keep them in mind. If you agree to the rules, come on and join us!


  1. Please don’t take things that aren’t yours.
  2. Please don’t break things that aren’t yours.
  3. Please don’t lag or crash the server.
  4. No duping is allowed except for TNT and falling blocks.
  5. Since we’re running the multiplayer sleep datapack, please be courteous to other players and ask if everyone’s fine with turning it to day.
  6. Please don’t intentionally cause other players to die or make deadly traps for other players.
  7. Hacking or using external tools to give you advantage over other players is absolutely prohibited.*
  8. All Exion community rules apply on the Minecraft server.

Note that being banned in the Exion community will necessarily result in a ban of equal duration from the Minecraft server. Minecraft server bans will not propagate to the Exion community, unless the ban is a result of breaking the Exion community rules from within the Minecraft server.

Taking or breaking things that aren’t yours and/or hacking is grounds for permanent ban from the Minecraft server with very little chance of reconsideration.

* Use of the mods: Tweakeroo, TinyHUD, Litematic, Item Scroller and/or Optifine is allowed and even encouraged. Shaders are also fine.

Join Now

To join, you must be an Exion member or a friend of an Exion member. Please contact @Andro#7475 on Discord to be whitelisted and receive the IP address!

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