Training the strongest Snake amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Everyone was upset when Snake was revealed to be sitting on the sidelines for Super Smash Bros. 4. We never got to see how his Figure Player might have behaved in that game! Luckily, Snake is back and better than ever in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, complete with a rather slept-on Figure Player that can contend against some of the best in the game. Let’s get started!

Thanks to Kangoni for contributing Snake’s training information! Feel free to check out their amiibo training works by following this link.


Snake has a ton of desirable traits. He’s a heavyweight, which makes him difficult to KO; he has a solid recovery that lets him recover from just about anywhere off-stage, and he’s got moves that hit really hard. Add a load of projectiles, a fast kill move, and a great grab game, and you’ve got a character that seems to excel at just about everything! Snake also boasts solid matchups against higher-tiered characters, including a surprisingly strong one against Ness.

In a similar vein as Link, though, Snake has a few interesting flaws in his AI. When he pulls out his projectile – the grenades – Figure Player battles almost immediately devolve into chaos. They’re both attracted to items, including Snake’s grenades, and before you know it, both characters will be taking damage in the explosions. Not to mention Snake occasionally blows himself up with his own C4, but we’ll talk more about that later. A well-trained Snake, though, won’t be much affected by the chaos it creates.

As you might expect, Snake’s done really well in tournaments! Matches including Snake are always interesting because there’s always so many explosions, and both characters get caught up in the madness. There’s plenty of trainers out there who’ve found success with Snake, and you can be one too! Be sure to check out our wiki page on Snake for more information.


Super Armor (and to a lesser extent, Slow Super Armor) works incredibly well on Snake, allowing his powerful attacks to go essentially unpunished. As always, Armor Knight is a solid option that pairs well with Trade-Off Ability ↑. Autoheal and Great Autoheal might have some merit (owing to Snake’s somewhat campy playstyle), but should take a backseat to Super Armor in tournaments that allow it.

In terms of other options, you can use Physical Attack ↑, Fire & Explosion Attack ↑, and Move Speed ↑. You could afford to run Trade-Off Ability ↑ on its own, too. Snake’s excellent weight and recovery let him stick around for longer, which means more time to make use of Trade Off Ability ↑’s stat boosts.

A balanced setup (2100 / 2100) works fine, but you can lean a bit more into defense if you like. Snake can afford a slight damage output reduction in favor of even greater defense prowess, so a more defensive set (1200 / 3000) works too. Or anything in between those two spreads, actually.


Be sure to play as Snake as you level up your Figure Player! They don’t save matchup data, which means they fight every opponent in exactly the same manner. For the most part, that is. If you’d like some tips on amiibo training that apply to Snake too, check our our general amiibo training guide. But don’t stay there too long, because then you have to come back and read our character-specific tips! Here are the moves you should focus on during Snake’s training:

  • Neutral special: Grenades are completely insane against other FPs. Ultimate’s AI is fundamentally attracted to items, and that trait is impossible to change through normal means. When Snake throws a grenade, there’s a chance the opponent will become curious and pick it up. Essentially, Snake’s neutral special tricks other FPs (and sometimes himself) into picking it up and taking damage. Make sure to use this move often.
  • Up tilt: This move is notorious for being ridiculous. It does everything: it’s an anti-air, a roll catcher, and a kill move at high percentages. Use it to rack up damage, catch your FP’s landing, and KO it!
  • Side special: Snake’s missiles are excellent edgeguarding options! The AI is really good at aiming it, and some opponents are gimped the moment they leave the stage. Use these missiles to edgeguard your FP (don’t go off-stage, just wait at the ledge and shoot). You can also use it from afar when you and your FP are both on-stage.
  • Dash attack: It’s got a long-lasting hitbox with a solid range and damage output. An excellent burst option that should be highly prioritized during training.
  • Grab & throws: Use down throws to confuse AI opponents! They usually just… lay there for a few seconds, allowing Snake to attack for free. Follow up with a forward tilt or up tilt.
  • Forward tilt: Speaking of which, this is a multi-hitting attack that tricks FPs into lowering their guard. They’ll try to parry the first hit, but will drop their shields for the second hit, giving Snake even more free damage! It’s also a powerful kill move and should be used fairly often.
  • Up aerial: You can use an up throw and then follow up with up air juggles. It should be used occasionally, but not prioritized over stronger moves like up tilt.

There are a few more moves you should be using during training, too, but they aren’t quite as important as the ones listed above. Use the following attacks every so often, but don’t prioritize these over the ones we already listed.

  • Down special: Snake’s C4 is kind of weird. But Ultimate’s AI can be described in three words: “kind of weird”, so we wouldn’t expect anything else! Opposing FPs seem to be aware of Snake’s C4, but said awareness doesn’t prevent them from walking over it to attack. Snake’s AI occasionally blows itself up with C4, but only if an opponent is in range too. Furthermore, Snake’s AI tries to blow itself up off-stage if its up special has already been used; if C4 is on-stage, though, it won’t realize that and will instead detonate the bomb and fall to its death. You should use C4 anyway, just keep Snake’s strange recovery pattern in mind.
  • Up smash: It can catch opponents off-guard due to its strange angle and projectile nature. Combos into itself nicely too! Use this one every so often — preferably against aerial opponents.

Lucky us! There’s no moves to specifically avoid for Snake. If you’re looking for a specific move that we didn’t mention here, no worries, we didn’t forget it! It’s just that the attack in question isn’t worth focusing on nor worth avoiding. Feel free to try it out anyway, though — experimentation is key!


Thanks so much for reading! Despite his high-tier position, Snake actually does quite well against the metagame’s top-tiers, so we’d love to see more of the character in future tournaments. And if you have any questions along the way, be sure to join our Discord server and ask. We’ll be happy to help you make your Figure Player even stronger! Thanks again to Kangoni for contributing Snake’s training information — you can check out more of their work here.

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