amiibo Tier List Update: October 2020

Hey all, welcome back! It’s been a long time (again) since we’ve done one of these. We’ve been focusing on releasing new and updated amiibo training guides, so we haven’t had the time to cover our recent tier list update until now! There’s been a lot going on in our metagame over the past couple of months, so let’s take a moment to see what’s happened. Yes, Joker and Hero are on this list, but their placement is still sort-of tentative. So if you’re looking for where they’re placed, you’ve come to the right place. It’s C and B, by the way. Let’s get started.

First, here’s a copy-paste of the current tier list! It was actually updated back in September, but we haven’t gotten around to covering the changes we made until now. Sorry about that! Let’s start by addressing the obvious: Incineroar and Bowser have swapped positions, meaning Incineroar is now the best character in the game. This isn’t any secret: he was banned from our metagame earlier this year and the recent-ish 8.0.0 patch made him even stronger by buffing Alolan Whip (which is the move that makes Incineroar so good). If you’d like more information as to why Incineroar was banned, please see this post. Though… chances are you’ve probably already seen it by now.

King K. Rool’s up there now too. He got buffed by a lot in 8.0.0 too, despite already being top-tier in the world of artificial intelligence battles. We know the game developers don’t balance Smash around amiibo, but… Incineroar’s Alolan Whip was already the best move in the game, and increasing its speed and knockback made it even better! Back to King K. Rool, though: his Belly Super Armor has more hit points, and his dash attack, up smash, and back throw were made much stronger. Bowser and Incineroar are still banned from our metagame, which means King K. Rool has usurped Ness’s position as the strongest unbanned character! That’s right: despite being in the S tier, King K. Rool is not officially banned. He’s just a peg ahead of Ness, Ridley, and the others. Let’s talk some more about individual changes, then.


  • Joker added to C. I can hear all the high school-age Persona 5 fans sighing with disappointment. I hear you: this placement is just sad. Joker’s Figure Player is actually pretty good against human players, as it can execute relatively complicated combos with little specific training. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for amiibo versus amiibo matches, which this tier list is based on. Joker’s AI doesn’t know when Arsène is active, so it can’t learn to be more aggressive or defensive depending on the status of its Rebellion Gauge. Its hard-coded combos aren’t very effective against AI opponents, either, which limits Joker’s damage output. It doesn’t help that Joker’s non-Arsène up special, Grappling Hook, leaves him incredibly vulnerable to being gimped for a moment. Worst of all, though, Joker will occasionally use Wings of Rebellion from the stage as if it has a hitbox (which it doesn’t). This trait is hard-coded into Joker’s AI for some reason and can’t be corrected through training. Unfortunately, this quirk leaves Joker open for several seconds, which can allow a foe to strike with a stock-ending smash attack. All of these flaws add up to a character who – at present – is kind of disappointing. Joker is perfectly fine against humans, but it’s a shame to see his AI fall so far against other Figure Players. If you’re looking to train your own Joker amiibo, I recommend taking a look at our guide!
  • Hero added to B. Now this is a little bit better. Hero’s AI isn’t everything we wanted it to be; its usage of Command Selection can be iffy and a lot of Hero’s moveset is really slow. So slow, in fact, that it makes certain matchups difficult. We’ve heard reports that Hero almost always loses to Mario. If you’re losing to Mario, there’s definitely a problem. Even so, Hero’s got a really powerful moveset, and his critical-hit property can help him out in a pinch. Overall, not a bad character, but he does have some glaring issues. If you’d like information on training your own Hero amiibo, take a look at our guide!


  • King K. Rool raised from A+ to S. We talked about this one earlier, so there’s not much more to say here! To quickly sum it up for those who scrolled, he got buffed in 8.0.0, and long story short, he has access to stronger KO options. Seriously, that back throw buff is insane.
  • Mii Gunner raised from A to A+. There’s two types of Mii Gunners now: ones that spam Gunner Missile and ones that spam forward smash. They’re both surprisingly effective against AI opponents, and they’re both consistent in their own unique ways. Mii Gunner also enjoys a wide range of good matchups. She even contends (but does not always defeat) Incineroar, which is a huge advantage in tournaments that don’t follow our ban list.
  • Donkey Kong raised from B to B+. As it turns out, heavyweights are actually really strong in the amiibo metagame! Just look at that S tier. Either way, it also turns out that Donkey Kong is a heavyweight too! Trainers have been giving DK additional rep lately, and that’s been reflected in his stronger tournament results.
  • Luigi raised from C to B. There’s a certain Luigi amiibo out there you might’ve heard of from a YouTube-related tournament. Luigi is much stronger than we originally thought. At first, we thought Luigi was worse than he was in Super Smash Bros. 4… but maybe that’s not the case after all! He’s got strong smash attacks, good aerials, a… decent recovery, and all the tools he needs to succeed in a large tournament, apparently!
  • Olimar raised from B to B+. Olimar’s always been underrepresented, but he’s been doing a bit better lately. His aerials and smash attacks do a ton of damage, and he’s got a strong off-stage game that lets him take stocks early. With more representation, Olimar has the potential to rise even higher! Just not yet.
  • Peach and Daisy raised from D+ to C. There’s been a certain trainer running amok with a really strong Daisy amiibo, and that was enough to push these characters over the brink of the D+ depths and into the C tier. There’s still a lot yet to optimize (and the fact that they’re still lacking tournament representation), but things are looking better for these two.
  • Robin raised from C to C+. I always found it strange that Robin ranked so high on the CPU tier list, if you’ve ever seen one (it’s separate from our amiibo tier list). As it turns out, though, Robin has a powerful kit. He’s just a bit underrated right now.


  • Lucina dropped from B+ to B. Lucina is falling off hard. There’s a lot of characters that outrange her now and trainers’ attentions are being caught by other fighters. She’s still being entered somewhat often, but her results appear to be souring as of late.
  • Marth dropped from B to C+. Marth is also falling off hard. Just like in competitive Smash, Marth is a bit worse than Lucina because his tippers aren’t as consistent as Lucina’s same-damage attacks. Marth is now a tier below Lucina due to his decreased consistency.

Quick note regarding the bottom two characters. Sheik is now considered the worst character in the game; the Ice Climbers made it out of D tier in the last update, and Bayonetta was slightly buffed in 8.0.0. This leaves Sheik in the dust. Her weak finishers, light weight, and exploitable recovery currently relegate her to worst in the game. Some would argue Bayonetta and Sheik belong here, though, given their top-tier positions in previous competitive Smash metagames.

We also changed the order of some characters within the tiers to reflect which is the strongest B-tier fighter, C-tier fighter, etc.. There’s a few more subtle changes on the list, but we just went over the important ones. Thanks for your understanding there. If you’re coming to this post from a search engine and don’t know much about amiibo training, here are some resources to get you started! First, our Discord server is the best place to go if you have any questions. We can answer you as soon as possible and help you start out with amiibo training! We also hold public discussions on our tier list updates, so you’ll be able to see tier list updates made live if you pop in at the right time!

In terms of on-site resources, we’ve got a ton. Our general amiibo training guide will introduce you to some key concepts, especially if you’re training your first amiibo! Our character guides will then build on that knowledge with character-specific tips and tricks. The amiibo Wiki has pages on a ton of metagame-relevant topic, and our amiibo personalities page will help clear up some common misconceptions. Whatever you decide to do, thanks so much for reading! We’re happy to spread the good word of amiibo training and hope you can get some enjoyment out of it (or just out of reading about it) too! We’ll be sure to update again when we’ve got another tier list change to show. In the meantime, happy training!

If you would like to read more informational posts, please follow this link.


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