Training the strongest King Dedede amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

King Dedede’s had a rich history in the amiibo metagame. He was high-tier in Super Smash Bros. 4, and he’s high-tier in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Among the best in the game in both entries, which is really impressive! He’s had plenty of dedicated trainers, too, and though he’s not quite king of the metagame, he’s powerful enough to rule over most fighters ranked lower than him. Today, we’re going to go over character-specific tips and tricks that’ll make your King Dedede just as successful as (if not even stronger than) the top tournament contenders!


By all accounts, King Dedede is your typical heavyweight fighter. He’s got powerful attacks, slow movement speed, and yes, a high weight value. The king has some somewhat unusual traits for being a heavyweight, though; his recovery, though slow, grants a lot of vertical and horizontal distance, meaning he has no trouble recovering! Dedede’s hammer also gives him a lot of range, which allows his attacks to reach further without extending his hurtbox. These traits add up to a super-strong character who can threaten opponents with a KO even at medium percentages. That’s impressive!

Dedede’s main weakness, then, is his slow movement speed. He can’t run very fast, his air speed is abysmal, and many of his attacks take a long time to come out. He’s the epitome of risk versus reward, but as you can tell by his high-tier placement, that risk is usually worth it (thankfully). The king also suffers from a few poor matchups; he tends to lose to Ness and Ridley, two higher-tiered characters, which prevents him from moving any higher on our tier list.

Regardless, King Dedede performs well against most of the cast, and is considered a fantastic tournament contender as a result. As mentioned earlier, there’s no shortage of strong Dedede FPs in our metagame, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to add to that list, too! For more information on King Dedede, take a look at his wiki page.


As a heavyweight fighter, King Dedede pairs well with Super Armor. Slow Super Armor makes his recovery absolutely abysmal, so make sure you use the three-slot Super Armor bonus instead. Of course, Armor Knight is almost always a solid choice. If you want to go that route, use it alongside Trade-Off Ability ↑ for a deadly Spirit combination! Autoheal and Great Autoheal aren’t bad, but are a bit outclassed by Super Armor and Armor Knight.

Busted bonuses aside, you could also go with Weapon Attack ↑, as it buffs all of Dedede’s hammer attacks. Hyper Smash Attacks grants a big boost to his kill power, and Move Speed ↑ provides a much-needed increase to mobility. Lightweight is another (albeit situational) option that slightly decreases Dedede’s weight in exchange for greater mobility. It’s important to note that Lightweight’s speed boost is slightly higher than Move Speed ↑’s speed boost.

King Dedede doesn’t have much variety in the stat-spread department. Normally, a balanced spread (2100 / 2100) is optimal here. But if you gave your Figure Player a mobility bonus, you might be able to lean a bit more into the attack stat. It’s up to you! As long as you have stats, you’re good to go.


To train the strongest possible King Dedede amiibo, you’ll need to play as King Dedede during training. If this is the first amiibo you’ve ever trained, I’d recommend reading our general amiibo training guide and then coming back to this post for character-specific tips. Once you’ve raised your FP to around Level 30, you can turn its Learning off and have it face other CPU opponents in the background until it reaches Level 50. Then you can turn Learning back on and do a few brush-up matches! Here are all the moves to focus on during training:

  • Forward smash: It’s super slow, but hits like a truck when it connects. It should only be used semi-frequently. Important to note is that opposing FPs have a tendency to roll right into it. This was true in Super Smash Bros. 4, too. They didn’t fix it in Ultimate!
  • Forward tilt: It’s not as powerful as forward smash, but it’s much faster and hits multiple times. Use this one often.
  • Neutral attack: This move also shares a general hit area with forward smash, but its speed, damage, and kill potential at high percentages make it an important move. Use forward smash, forward tilt, and neutral attacks interchangeably.
  • Up smash: A fantastic anti-air and out-of-shield option. Up smash is quicker than forward smash, but the latter should still be prioritized as a kill move.
  • Up aerial: It’s got a powerful disjoint and KOs surprisingly early. Use it to juggle opponents and rack up fast damage!
  • Neutral aerial: A great landing option. Small hitbox, but still important to Dedede’s success.
  • Forward aerial: It’s fantastic for edgeguarding due to the large area it covers. King Dedede is comfortable off-stage, but don’t go too far out and don’t go for a gimp every time. But if you do, forward air is a good option.
  • Side special: One of Dedede’s many ledge-trapping options. It can catch recovering opponents on their way back. Only use Gordo Throw at the edge; it can get messy if the FP uses it on-stage.
  • Down smash: Only use this one on the ledge, too. It’s Dedede’s fastest smash attack and it launches foes at an angle that makes it difficult for them to recover.
  • Grab & throws: Again, mostly used at the edge. Down throw can combo into a forward air, but this might encourage Dedede to jump more, which we don’t want. Stay grounded wherever possible. When grabbing an opponent, throw them towards the nearest ledge and then set up with a Gordo Throw or down smash.

You could train a strong King Dedede amiibo with just those moves alone! There’s two other attacks to talk about for a brief moment, though, so if you’d like to add either of these two into the mix, feel free to:

  • Down aerial: It’s got slow startup, but its powerful spike is immensely rewarding when landed. Again, don’t fight off-stage too often, as ledge trapping is one of Dedede’s strengths.
  • Back aerial: Powerful, but not essential. The downside of teaching this move is that your FP will be more inclined to fight in the air, whereas we’d prefer it to be on the ground.

There’s two moves you’re going to want to avoid using with Dedede, and they’re both special moves. First up is Jet Hammer. It’s got a long charge time, a ton of windup, and leaves Dedede vulnerable. The risk outweighs the potential reward, so it’s best not to take the risk at all. The other one is Inhale, which is much too slow to warrant consistent use. Stay away from both of these moves during training!

If you’re thinking about a specific attack that we didn’t mention here, that’s because it isn’t noteworthy enough to be listed. You could still try using it anyway, but that’s up to you. Use the move above and you should be all set!


Thanks for reading! If you’re a King Dedede main (or just really like the character), you were probably happy to find out he’s actually high-tier in this format! The purpose of this guide was to start you out on the right track, so we hope it was helpful! And as always, if you have any training questions (or just want to talk about amiibo, which is totally understandable), feel free to join our Discord server! We advertise it in literally every single guide we release, so it has to be worth a look… right? Thanks again for reading, and good luck with your training!

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