amiibo AI changes spotted in Ultimate’s 9.0.0 patch!

Image unrelated. Trainers have been trying out their Figure Players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s recently-released 9.0.0 patch. If you read our also-recently-released amiibo Patch Report, we said we’d update you all if we noticed any additional undocumented AI changes. Here’s that update — trainers have been reporting adjustments made to certain character’s AI.

According to our reports, Joker’s AI no longer randomly fires Wings of Rebellion on-stage while Arséne is active. This eliminates a huge vulnerability that was previously present in the FP. The Ice Climbers, as we mentioned, now have a slightly easier time recovering. Especially important is that if Nana goes for an up special, Popo can drag her out of helplessness by using his own up special within her vicinity. Bowser Jr’s. AI has also been adjusted: it can finally use its side special to recover (it was hard-coded to not do that before). It also has a better understanding of its up special’s hammer attack!

It goes without saying, then, that is fantastic to see. A lot of the AI issues that have been fixed (according to reports) are issues that have been heavily documented on Exion over the past few months. There will almost certainly be a slight tier list shift in the near future as we continue to study character AI and how it may have changed. We’ll also be making updates to our character guides as needed. We’ll be sure to post again if any additional changes are documented! In the meantime, check out our Joker, Ice Climbers, and Bowser Jr. training guides. We will need to update the wording in the introduction section, but other than that, they’re up-to-date and ready to go! And as always, be sure to join our Discord server for all the latest in amiibo training content and updates!

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