Training the strongest Olimar amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mii Gunner and Yoshi aside, Olimar’s Figure Player might just win the award for “most improved in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Back in Super Smash Bros. 4, Olimar was stuck somewhere between the mid- and low-tiers. Now he’s a solid high-tier, mainly thanks to the many moveset and AI buffs he enjoyed during the transition between games. By all accounts, though, Olimar’s position in our metagame could be even higher. He’s still really underrepresented (as many fighters are), so we hope this guide might encourage some of you to train up a strong Olimar amiibo! Let’s get started, then.


Despite having a unique Pikmin Pluck mechanic, Olimar’s a pretty simple character. He deals a ton of damage, boasts a quick set of powerful smash attacks, and has solid off-stage tools, too. Everything you’d want in a strong Figure Player, in other words! That being said, Olimar’s optimal “AI playstyle” is a bit different than how a human player might behave. For our training strategy, we won’t be using any special moves, so hopefully that’s not too much of a disappointment!

Olimar suffers from a really unique set of problems, however, and these hold him back from being considered top-tier. At least at the time of writing. For one, all of his smash attacks are considered projectiles, so if Olimar goes for the kill against an opponent like Zelda or Pit, he might find himself KOed instead. Unfortunately, FPs don’t save matchup data, so they don’t know what character they’re fighting; this means they can’t learn to be more careful with their projectiles against opponents with reflectors. Another problem Olimar has is that his up special grants reduced distance if he has three Pikmin active. The AI will sometimes toss its Pikmin off-stage before using its up special, which forces it to pluck more Pikmin when it returns to the stage.

Even so, Olimar’s tournament results have been strong! Although he is considered a really good character, he doesn’t have very much representation, so we think his maximum potential is yet to be seen. If you’d like to read up a bit more on Olimar and his place in our metagame, feel free to check out his wiki page if you have a moment!


Strangely enough, Autoheal and Great Autoheal have proved their worth on Olimar in the past, despite the fact that he’s more of an up-close and personal fighter than a campy one (at least in the context of amiibo training). Olimar’s best setup, though, is Armor Knight paired with Trade-Off Ability ↑. We mention this build in almost every character guide, but for good reason: the stat buffs it provides are unrivaled by any other Spirit combination.

Hyper Smash Attacks is great on Olimar, whose whole shtick is throwing out smash attacks without a care. Air Attack ↑ is another great choice, as they boost Olimar’s already-great aerial moves! Move Speed ↑ and Toss & Meteor are two other bonuses you could use to fill in the blanks there.

Olimar is kind of light, meaning you would think he’d benefit from high defense, but it’s actually better if you focus more heavily on attack to help him get KOs faster. Anything between an offensive build (3000 / 1200) and a balanced one (2100 / 2100) works here.


As per usual, be sure to play as Olimar as you train your Olimar amiibo! If you’re not very good with Olimar, feel free to take your FP into training mode and get a feel for his kit. You can’t save your amiibo in training mode, so don’t worry about training it wrong. When you’re ready to begin, we’ve got a list of moves below that you should focus on! One final note: make sure you always have three Pikmin plucked at all times. Don’t try to train your FP to use no Pikmin, because it is going to lose and it is going to be sad. Without further ado, here are all the moves to prioritize:

  • Forward smash: Both the bread and butter of Olimar’s kit. Spam this move as much as possible. It deals a lot of damage and knockback, so teaching your FP to use it consistently will go a long way.
  • Down aerial: It’s got a deadly spike, and makes for a surprisingly potent landing option against AI opponents. It’s almost as important as forward smash, so use it often!
  • Forward aerial: It hits hard and fast! Go off-stage and use it to edgeguard. Also works fine out of a short hop!
  • Back aerial: See above. Almost the exact same in terms of general usage.
  • Up aerial: Olimar’s AI is great at catching opponents’ jumps with this move, and it’s got solid knockback. Use it semi-regularly.
  • Up tilt: Not too strong, but it’s a decent multi-hit move that can catch enemies off their guard and interrupt aerial approaches. This is the only non-Pikmin move we recommend!
  • Up smash: Not as useful as forward smash, since AI opponents tend to be on the ground more often, but it can still punish landings and should be used as such.
  • Grab & throws: Olimar can’t put much pressure on foes using their shields, so the natural conclusion is to mix some grabs in too! He doesn’t have any kill throws, but he can do a simple down throw to forward air combo at low percentages. When grabbing an enemy at medium to high percentages, use a forward or back throw to toss them towards the nearest ledge.

We usually have a section on low-priority moves, but in Olimar’s case, that’s actually everything! For moves to avoid, we’re going to avoid pressing the B button (outside of recovering with Winged Pikmin and plucking Pikmin). Figure Players can’t really plan ahead with moves like Pikmin Throw and Pikmin Order, so they’re generally kind of useless on Olimar. Apologies for any disappointment!


Kind of a lame image, right? It’s just Bowser and Olimar standing there. This is actually a reference to Super Smash Bros. 4, where Olimar could be trained to do absolutely nothing until the game timer reached zero. That’s not possible anymore, unfortunately, but Olimar’s come a long way! He’s much better now, so we hope this guide helps you start off on the right track. If you’d like some more tips on amiibo training, check out our general amiibo training guide. But if you have a specific question you’d like answered, join our Discord server! We’ll be happy to help you with whatever you need. Thanks so much for reading!

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