Training the strongest Palutena amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Once upon a time, Palutena was low-tier. More specifically, one of the bottom ten Figure Players in Super Smash Bros. 4, and for a variety of reasons. Things are looking better for the Goddess of Light in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though; between a number of direct buffs, AI changes, and increased tournament representation, Palutena has found herself as a solid mid-tier character! And today, we’re here to talk about training strategies you can use to make her even stronger. Let’s get started!

Thanks to Lady Cucco for contributing Palutena’s training information! Feel free to check out their Twitch channel by following this link.


Palutena has received a load of buffs for her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but she also greatly benefits from many of the AI changes Ultimate brought about. Back in Smash 4, Figure Players couldn’t go off-stage to gimp opponents. And if they did, they’d shy away and recover without attacking. That’s no longer the case, meaning Palutena is free to use her powerful aerials. Between a solid off-stage game, strong finishers, and several useful projectiles, she’s got it pretty good!

Unfortunately, Palutena retains a few of her weaknesses from the previous title. Many of her moves are just really slow, and even her tilts are sluggish in comparison to faster characters’ tilt attacks. She’s got a very tall frame, too, which is unfortunate because Figure Players can’t DI multi-hit attacks (namely Ness’s PK Fire) like humans can. This means she’s especially susceptible to spammable moves, takes more damage quicker, and thus is KOed faster.

Regardless, Palutena’s tournament results are so much better in Ultimate than they were in 4. Her improvement between games is remarkable, though her overall representation is still a bit low. We’d love to see more trainers work with Palutena in the future, so if you want to read more about the character, you can find her wiki page here. 


It’s time to equip your Palutena amiibo with Spirits! If you’d prefer to leave your Figure Player vanilla (no Spirits or stats), that’s fine too! In fact, most of our tournaments don’t allow Spirits, so if you’re looking to enter one you might have an easier time. Ideally, you should equip your amiibo with its Spirits at Level 1, but if it’s already Level 50, no worries there. Just make sure you go to the training section afterwards and give it a few “reminder matches”.

As with most characters, Palutena’s best setup involves Armor Knight! It grants a 1.15x boost to attack power and a 1.8x boost to defense, with a small movement speed penalty. Run either Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑ in the last slot, and you’ll be good to go!

Other options include Trade-Off Ability ↑ and Move Speed ↑ (on their own, without Armor Knight), as well as Weapon Attack ↑, Air Attack ↑, Toss & Meteor, and Strong Throw. Pick any three you like and you should be all set! For stats, a balanced setup (2100 / 2100) works just fine on most characters, Palutena included.


When training your Palutena amiibo, you’ll need to mirror match it, and that means you should play as Palutena too. Figure Players don’t save matchup experience, so they fight and learn from every character exactly the same… which is kind of disappointing, honestly. But it means that playing as Palutena will ensure that your Palutena amiibo has a better understanding of its moveset. For more general training tips, check out our general amiibo training guide! Let’s start with character-specific tips, then.

When your FP is at low percentages, there’s a bunch of moves you should be using! When it’s at a far distance, shoot it with Autoreticle every once in a while. Figure Players don’t deal with projectiles very well, so this will help your Palutena amiibo rack up some free damage! When your FP approaches you, attack it mainly with forward tilts. You can use grabs too! Try comboing down throw into a forward air or reverse back air. Every once in a while, use a dash attack, too! FPs don’t deal with moving hitboxes very well, either. So, to review: forward tilt and grabs at close distance, dash attack every so often, and Autoreticle at a distance.

When your Palutena amiibo has taken a lot of damage, try to chase it off-stage and go for a down air! It’s a great gimping tool that can end stocks really early. You can use forward and back airs too, but less often than down airs. In terms of on-stage options, you can use back throw at the ledge. And when your FP is in the air, attack it with an up smash. Don’t use up smash if your FP is grounded, because its horizontal range and power is kind of lacking. Up airs work too from on-stage!

Now, in terms of what not to do, there’s quite a bit to cover here. First, don’t use Explosive Flame. The AI can get spammy with it, and if you teach it to use Autoreticle, it’ll actually teach itself the proper time and spacing of Explosive Flame. You can use neutral air sometimes, but the AI can get spammy with that too. Only every once in a while, and preferably when landing. You can also use forward smash out of a parry and down smash at the ledge, but only very, very rarely. We don’t want the FP overusing these moves! Lastly, try only using grabs out of a walk. Palutena tends to miss dash grabs for some reason!


Thank you so much for sticking with us to the very end! We’re hoping Palutena can get a bit more representation as a result of this guide, so if you have any further questions during training, you’re welcome to join our Discord server and ask! And thanks again to Lady Cucco for providing Palutena’s training information. You can find their Twitch channel here, and you can find a neat clip of their Palutena amiibo in action here. Happy training, and until next time!

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  1. My current Palutena has a 2106/2094, with Special Move Power ↑, Hyper Smash Attacks, and Shooting Attack ↑. Is there a way to improve it with this guides suggested abilities?

  2. Palutena’s neutral aerial was nerfed in version 7.0.0. to have the launching distance, as well as the last hit of the move shortened. Are you sure that part in the article is still accurate?

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