Pokemon Sword & Shield – Spiritomb Capture Guide

Surely I’ve mentioned this before, but Spiritomb is my absolute favorite Pokémon, and seeing it return in Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC was a pleasant surprise! Not only did Spiritomb return, but it has an entire side quest that eventually allows you to encounter and capture it. It’s just the slightest bit cryptic, so today we’re here to talk about how to capture Spiritomb! Also known as the coolest Pokémon in existence.

Spiritomb Location

First things first: fly over to Dyna Tree Hill. When you arrive, you’ll be facing away from the tree. Follow the path to the right, and then keep going until you see a patch of grass, a tree, and a short cliff. Turn left, weave your way through the grass, and you’ll find a tombstone! When inspected, it’ll tell you to “spread its voice”. Keep this location in mind, because you’re going to need to go back there!

Spawning Spiritomb

After inspecting the tombstone, you’ll need to connect to the internet. You can do that by pressing Y and then +. Then, talk to a grand total of 32 trainers in the overworld. They’ll give you Moomoo Milks, Pearls, and Pokémon Camp items, which is a bit of an extra added bonus. Once you’ve talked to 32 trainers, fly back to Dyna Tree Hill, make your way back to the tombstone, and save right in front of Spiritomb. It’s Level 72, which means it’ll know Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball. Try to paralyze it with Thunder Wave or put it to sleep with Spore or Hypnosis before it puts your Pokémon to sleep! Keep in mind that it’s weak to Fairy-type moves, so it might not survive a powerful Moonblast.

If you’re looking to shiny hunt Spiritomb, this is a perfect way! Save in front of the gravestone, but before Spiritomb spawns. If it’s visible, fly back to Dyna Tree Hill and go back to the tombstone and save in a spot where Spiritomb hasn’t spawned yet. Run up to it, get your encounter, and if it’s not blue, close the game and re-enter. Make sure to bring a bunch of Dive Balls if you want Spiritomb’s Poké Ball to match! One final note here: there’s no in-game method to keep track of how many trainers you talk to, so try and keep count! This sidequest is a callback to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, where trainers could only catch Spiritomb after talking to 32 trainers in the Sinnoh Underground. Luckily, this method is much easier! And by the way, if you want to read more about shiny hunting in Sword and Shield, check out our shiny hatching guide!

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