Training the strongest Falco amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Falco is one of three Star Fox representatives in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In order of viability, the three are ranked like this: Wolf is best, Falco is second best, and Fox is third best. With Spirits on, though, Falco becomes a little better, and it’s arguable that he might even be stronger than Wolf with Instadrop equipped. Regardless, we’re going to talk about it all today! If you want to learn how to train your Falco amiibo – with or without Spirits – then let’s continue!


Falco’s pretty strong, especially in the Spirits metagame! With Spirits on, he can equip Instadrop and start wrecking opponents with aerials and fast fall attacks. He’s pretty decent in the vanilla metagame (no Spirits) too, clocking in as a solid mid-tier fighter. He’s got solid combo starters, hard-coded move strings, powerful smash attacks, and really potent off-stage finishers. Between his forward, back, and down aerials, Falco is not to be underestimated off-stage! He’s also got a good grab game and a mostly decent recovery.

Mostly decent, though, because it still leaves Falco vulnerable to being gimped. Fire Bird has an important moment of startup that lasts just long enough for a character like Lucas or Zelda to attack with a meteor smash, which most likely ends the stock. Luckily, Falco’s got access to Falco Phantasm as a secondary option, so it’s not all bad. What is kind of bad, though, is that his up smash doesn’t always connect all of its hits. It’s still a solid anti-air, though, so we’re going to use that during training.

All around, Falco’s tournament results and representation have been solid! He’s more successful in the Spirits metagame where he can make use of Instadrop (or Armor Knight), but he’s perfectly viable without them too. Not quite as good as Wolf, but still good enough to hold his own. If you’d like to read more about Falco and his place in our metagame, feel free to read his wiki page!


It’s time for our Spirit recommendations of the day! Now, if you don’t know this already, Super Armor, Slow Super Armor, Armor Knight, Autoheal, and Great Autoheal are colloquially referred to as the “big five”, because they’re considered the best Spirit effects in the game. From this selection, only Armor Knight really works on Falco. Armor Knight grants its user a 1.15x attack buff and a 1.8 defense buff, which makes the FP super difficult to deal with. Pair that with Move Speed ↑ or Trade-Off Ability ↑ and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking to enter one of our Spirits tournaments, though, we usually keep the “big five” banned. So here are some other options to consider! Instadrop is really good on Falco, and can be used alongside Physical Attack ↑. Instadrop Falco is interesting to watch, though its playstyle is a bit unorthodox. If you’d like a more normal Falco amiibo, try using Physical Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, Air Attack ↑, Hyper Smash Attacks, Toss & Meteor, or Landing Lag ↓ instead.

Don’t worry about giving Falco’s stat spread too much thought! A balanced setup (2100 / 2100) works just fine. He can afford to run more attack points, especially if he’s running Move Speed ↑, but forgoing defense points can be kind of risky.


In line with the Exion standard™, we’re going to mirror match Falco’s amiibo all the way to Level 50.  By Level 50, an FP has item usage and stage hazards hard-coded in, so if you’re looking to use your Falco amiibo casually, don’t worry about training it with either. Instead, play on Ω-form stages. Timed matches are usually easiest! Here are all the moves you should use during training:

  • Forward smash: We’re starting off strong with one of Falco’s strongest moves! Forward smash is his primary on-stage finisher, so use it often. That being said, most of his KOs will take place off-stage.
  • Forward tilt: Falco can afford to lean heavily into his forward tilt, which is quicker but weaker than his forward smash. Rotate both on-stage.
  • Up tilt: Falco’s best move overall. It starts all of his hard-coded combos (which the AI will teach itself) and can link into itself at lower percentages. Use it when the FP is right next to you or when it’s trying to land.
  • Neutral aerial: Fantastic as a combo extender, and the FP will use it to drag opponents downwards to continue combos. Remember, they’re hardcoded! Just teach your FP the moves we list here and the AI will handle the rest.
  • Up smash: A super strong kill move, and should be used fairly often. Especially effective as an anti-air!
  • Up aerial: Good damage, and can be used after an up tilt. It’s a kill move at high percentages too! Use it frequently.
  • Back aerial: A very powerful move that an aerially-trained Falco will get plenty of chances to land. Use it whenever possible, but don’t heavily prioritize it.
  • Forward aerial: Great for edgeguarding and finishing combos. Use it frequently, both on-stage and off.
  • Down aerial: A nasty spike that can be used to land, too. Be sure to chase your FP off-stage, and try to attack it with a down air! Off-stage forward and back airs work too.
  • Grab & throws: Falco’s got great throws, and grabs are his main way to punish shield-heavy opponents. He doesn’t have many multi-hit attacks on the ground, so grabs work just fine instead!

The moves above are Falco’s highest priorities, so focus primarily on them during training. There’s a few moves that aren’t quite as good, but are still worth your time depending on if you want to use them or not. These moves are low-priority, though, so use them less than the attacks listed above.

  • Down tilt: Not essential to Falco’s kit, but definitely far from bad. Kills at high percentages, but can otherwise be used as a combo starter.
  • Dash attack: Again, not essential, but far from bad — it’s just a good grounded burst option, so feel free to use it every so often!
  • Neutral special: Falco’s Blaster is better used if you’re training your FP to fight human opponents. Use it infrequently, and make sure the AI doesn’t start spamming it. Just an occasional blaster shot from far away is fine!

Not too many moves to avoid with Falco! In fact, there’s just one: Falco Phantasm on-stage. You can use it to recover, but don’t worry about using it to attack or set up combos. The AI could start spamming it, and relying solely on Falco Phantasm is not a good game plan. Recovery only!


Thanks so much for reading! Though this section is called wrap-up, it’s actually more of a shameless advertising section. So let’s get that part over with. Join our Discord server, check out our general amiibo training guide, and feel free to check out the rest of the site. That should do the trick. Thanks again for reading — happy training!

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