Training the strongest Robin amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There are a lot of underrepresented characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In fact, if you’ve read many of our guides, you might have noticed the word “underrepresented” is kind of a synonym for “not a very good character”. But that’s not the case here. Of all the “underrepresented” characters in Ultimate, Robin’s probably got the most potential out of any of them! It’s time to change Robin’s representation for the better, and that starts with this guide!

Thanks to Lady Cucco for contributing Robin’s training information! Feel free to check out their Twitch channel by following this link.


Robin benefits from a wide variety of useful options! They’ve got a load of projectiles at their disposal, including Thunder, which can be charged and upgraded into Elthunder or Thoron. They have access to Arcfire, a fireball projectile that deals a lot of damage and has guaranteed followups into aerials or smash attacks. Robin also has a solid off-stage game; their forward, back, and down aerials are all fantastic recovery interceptors with lots of knockback. Robin also won’t go off-stage if Elwind doesn’t have any charge left, which helps save them from self-destructs.

Unfortunately, Robin does suffer from a few unique weaknesses. Their sword attacks and tomes have durability points, and when these points run out, Robin can’t use those attacks anymore (their sword attacks just become weaker instead). They have no choice but to wait for a recharge, which can be inconvenient if Robin is being pressured to get a KO. As mentioned before, Robin won’t go off-stage if their Elwind charge has run out. But they’ll still go off-stage if it only has one use remaining, which means the resulting up special will only fire one wind projectile and self-destruct anyway.

Robin’s tournament results have been good, but their representation is a bit lacking. They’ve certainly got a lot of potential (for real), but they need more tournament entries! At the time of writing, Robin amiibo are a little expensive, so if you already have one and love the character, you should totally enter some of our tournaments!


Robin benefits from a whole bunch of potential Spirit effects, so let’s go over some of those! If you don’t want to give your Robin amiibo a Spirit team, no worries; skip ahead to the training section! Do keep in mind that Spirits change an FP’s training data, so if your amiibo starts taunting even though you never did, that’s why. So feed it Spirits at Level 1 to minimize that risk!

Autoheal, Great Autoheal, and Armor Knight are all solid options on Robin. With Armor Knight, you can use Trade-Off Ability ↑ or Move Speed ↑ to fill the empty slot. Super Armor is a good choice too; Robin’s not a super-heavyweight, but has enough weight to make use of the bonus.

If you’d like some more options, here you go! Try out Weapon Attack ↑, Move Speed ↑, Air Attack ↑, Neutral Special ↑, and Toss & Meteor. Pick any three and you should be all set. For stats, a balanced setup (2100 / 2100) works just fine. But feel free to lean more into attack if you’d like to give your FP a bit of extra firepower.


Let’s start off with some damage-rackers. Robin’s best neutral tool is Arcfire! It’s got a limited number of uses, but it serves as a fantastic combo starter. Use Arcfire when you’re at mid-range. At farther range, you can start using Thunder. Elthunder has the strongest balance between tome durability and power, so focus on that one at far range. Try to always have Elthunder charged up, even if you’re not going to use it right away. And keep in mind that Ultimate’s AI is not very good at “charge moves”, so if your Robin amiibo isn’t using it correctly at first, don’t worry.

Grabs are another important tool for Robin. Unlike most of their moves, grabs don’t use up any durability points! Down throw can lead into a bunch of hard-coded combos, too. As long as you teach your amiibo to grab, it’ll figure out its combos by itself. Convenient! When your FP is above you, use a bunch of up tilts to try and intercept its landing. You can also use dash attacks every once in a while as a burst option. Its disjointed hitbox and solid attack speed makes it a solid choice. And then you could try Nosferatu once in a blue moon, too. Try using it after an Arcfire!

For kill moves, aerials are generally your best bets. Robin’s forward and back airs are really strong, and are best used above-stage (after an Arcfire or down throw) and off-stage. Up air works against aerial opponents and can either juggle or flat-out KO them. When your FP is off-stage, chase it and attack with a forward or down air! Do note that Robin’s AI won’t go off-stage if its Elwind is out of charges. But it might go off-stage if its Elwind only has enough durability left for one of its height boosters, which means Robin might wind up self-destructing anyway. It’s still fine to go off-stage, though, so make it count! You can also use back throws at the ledge for an easy KO.

So, to review: lots of Arcfire, some Elthunder, up tilts on landing opponents, forward and back aerials, down airs, and back throws. Now let’s talk about some other moves. Don’t use too many jabs or tilts (with the exception of up tilt), as you want Robin to go for stronger moves. And when using Arcfire, try to hit your FP with a melee attack while it’s taking damage in the flames. You can use a forward air, up smash, or Nosferatu. Not too many smash attack mentions on this guide, as forward and back air come out faster and aren’t as easily punished when blocked. Forward smash should only be used after a parry, up smash can be used to catch opponents on platforms, and down smash can be used at the ledge to read rolls. But don’t prioritize them too heavily.


Thanks for reading, as always! Robin’s totally got a bunch of potential left to figure out, so we hope this guide helps you discover that hidden power. Big thanks to Lady Cucco for contributing Robin’s training information. You can check out their Twitch channel here! And you can check out our general amiibo training guide here, and our Discord server here. Until next time, happy training!

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